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5 Lessons Learned When You Become A Mom

I wish kids came with a manual when they were born, a lot of mom life is learning as you go. As a single mom of 4 kids, I have learned a lot of lessons over the years, do you relate to these 5 Lessons Learned When You Become A Mom?

5 Lessons Learned When You Become A Mom

Being a mom of 4 has truly been a blessing in my life, I think I talk about that every other week on here how happy my kids make me. From the moment I find out I’m pregnant to the moment I get to hold them in my arms, the journey is always an amazing one.

Here are 5 top things I’ve learned since I became a mom. I hope all of you can relate to this and have a great laugh as we all go through the same things at one point in time.

Being The Baby of The Family Isn't Always Easy, it's definitely not always sunshine and rainbows. There is the constant being picked last, or getting the last of whatever is being given. Where you have to share the house with all of your crazy siblings, who seemed to get away with murder when mom wasn't looking.


Sleep is a gift and once you finally get it you are in another land you forgot existed. It all starts when your not able to sleep on one side when your pregnant, then turns into 1-2 hour increments of sleep once the baby is joyfully outside of your belly.

The good news is once your cesarian section has healed or your comfortable after pushing the baby out, you can finally sleep on that side you have missed for oh so many weeks. I never truly appreciated sleeping on my stomach still after I had my kids.

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Playtime is anytime mom, say hello feet to lego’s on the floor or that random toy that seems to never make it in the toy box. I sometimes wonder why we haven’t invented toys with magnets or some type of relocation systems where we just hit a button on the toy box, and then all the toys return.

This would save a lot of repetitiveness of us asking for toys to be cleaned up. When my kids are little they tend to crawl all over my face when I’m awake, or asleep, or on the phone. When doesn’t really matter but the fact that they would like to play is always the most important thing? Breathe these moments deeply mom, they grow up so fast I always miss them this young once they hit the toddler stage.

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Kiss your privacy goodbye mom! Everything you say or do will be used against you in the court of your household. Whenever you think they aren’t looking or listening, it’s when they are doing it the most! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to surprise my kids thinking oh!

There’s no way they will find out, and sure enough, once we get in the car I hear “Yay! We are on our way to Chuck E Cheese!” Darn! Almost was a super awesome surprise.


Patience is a virtue. I always remind myself that even though something is frustrating and hard to deal with, it will be okay. Like, that crayon will come off of that wall, or hey! You could look at it in a positive way and think about redecorating by painting over it.

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Monday 21st of March 2016

Thanks for the liners, these are really helpful things :) And I'd like to add that kids also teach about sincerety and openmindness, for we, adults, become so much serious, and when looking at the kids I always start thinking that life and world are so much wonderful and no need to worry about anything :)

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