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5 Tips For The On The Go Mom

Life can get hectic when you live an on-the-go type of lifestyle. Today I am sharing my 5 Tips For The On The Go Mom that I have picked up along my journey as a mom of 4.

5 Tips For The On The Go Mom

Read all about my 5 Tips For The On The Go Mom that I have tried, tested, and approved just for you. Ever since I can remember I have been an on-the-go type of person. For all the mom’s out there who have multiples or even just one child, I applaud you with a standing ovation

They never said being a mom would be easy and as many of us found out on our own, it really isn’t. I happen to be a single mom of 4 who balances a full-time job and 4 kids ranging in the ages of 5-12 years old. The balancing act of a life I have going on is all held together by using my 5 tips below.

5 tips for the on the go mom. Little Girl Packing Ocean Spray Tropical and Fruit Splash flavored Craisins For school Lunch.

1. Meal Prepping

I’m sure you have heard of this method being used for weight loss, but this is also a great everyday method for managing meals. In a perfect world, I pack my kids lunches and snacks in the morning, and then I wave goodbye to them as they board the school bus and I drink my morning cup of joe.

In my on-the-go world, I find that meal prepping their lunchboxes, as well as food for myself, throughout the week is a huge time saver. I like to make 6-8 meals a week which include breakfast and lunch meals. This cuts a lot of the time I normally take to prepare and clean the dishes.

I’m able to skip the mess and enjoy all of the wonderful favors I premade for myself. Bonus points if you can meal prep foods that grab and go friendly, some of my favorites are protein muffins, yogurt cups, dried fruit, and granola bars.

2. Keep Snacks Handy

Let’s face it, a hangry little human just isn’t my kind of party. I swear my kids get their hangry attitudes directly from me. To avoid the hangry episodes I like to keep snacks handy on my person at all times. Places you can find my hidden snacks are in my soccer mom minivan, my purse, my desk and my back pocket

My recent go-to snack for myself and the kids has been the NEW Ocean Spray Craisins® Fruit Splash Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon, as well as Tropical Kiwi Melon and Mango. This blast of fruity flavor in your mouth is gluten-free with naturally- flavored, real, dried cranberries for a happy and healthy flavor adventure!

Each pouch contains a ½ cup of fruit making this mom not just happy but ecstatic that I’m able to help my family tackle their needed daily consumption of fruits. Find them at your local Walmart online and in-store.

5 tips for the on the go mom. Use calendars you can find in your phone or online to help organize daily activtiy schedules.

3. Plan Out Your Day

Depending on what is easier for you, utilize calendars on google or use your phone calendar. I like to set alarms on my phone for when I’m predicting I need to leave a certain event, or just as a reminder that I have an upcoming obligation. This keeps me in the know of what is going on and I can always share calendars with other family members and moms.

In life we must learn to love more, live more and worry less. Keep this qoute in mind to help you relax and ward off oncoming stress.

4. Allow Extra Time

Always allow yourself a buffer of 30 minutes for every task for the day. I have found giving myself that extra 30 minutes helps reduce stress and make the day more enjoyable.

If you are a procrastinator such as I, then you will know how crazy things can get, when you are leaving one destination around the time you should have arrived at the next obligation. Help reduce your stress and give yourself time to have potty breaks, grab a snack or check your emails by following this simple tip.

5 tips for the on the go mom. Become more organized and designate specific areas of your home for grab and go items.

5. Designated Spots

I am not ashamed to admit that I sleep in the same spot on my bed, or any bed I sleep in. This habit taught me that if I designated spots in the house for items I need to grab and go, it saves me time and stress.

I personally have about a dozen spots around the house where I specifically keep things that I typically grab and go outside with. I find that organizing things such as your purse, lunch boxes in the fridge, placement of your keys, and school projects is a lifesaver.

Pro Tip

Keep anything import or time-sensitive for that day next to the door or directly in your purse. With multiple kids, things can get hectic real fast, and no one likes to turn around in morning traffic to pick up that important Science Project.

Having 4 kids means there is never a dull moment, from the good times to the crazy times. I have found that evolving my approach to our hectic life with simple rules of thumb and tips such as above has kept me sane. Try my tips above for a week or a month and then come back and let me know how you utilized them and if they worked.

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