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5 Ways To Use Shea and Cocoa Baby Wash

Baby wash isn’t just for babies anymore, explore 5 Ways To Use Shea and Cocoa Baby Wash for everyday problems. Use shea and coca baby wash for everything from washing a Barbie’s hair to cleaning up simple spills and messes around the home.

5 Ways To Use Shea and Cocoa Baby Wash

If you thought Baby products were only allowed to be used on babies you are definitely missing out on some amazing ways you could use them in your life. After having four kids it seems like all the things I found bizarre at one point in time of my life, are now just hacks I have developed over the years.

I’m known for using Baby wipes as a makeup remover and quick mess clean up’s whenever the kids spill something on their shirts. I always keep a pack of baby wipes in my car in case someone spills something or for stinky hands.

Who says baby products are just for babies? Us adults could totally still use them if we wanted. I made a quick list of 5 way’s you can use Shea and Cocoa Baby Wash in your daily life below.


For those of us who love to get a relaxing pedicure, try your next pedicure at home. My little girls love to get their nails done, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit into our schedules for us to go. I like to give them the salon experience at home by providing my very own version of a spa mani-pedi.

To do this I start with the girls soaking their feet in a warm bath using Johnson’s® Baby Shea and Cocoa Baby Moisture Wash. It’s perfect for getting rid of that unwanted dead skin, yet moisturize your feet. I’ve found it gives us smooth skin which feels amazing during these harsh winter months.

Cleaning Delicate Clothes and Stuffed Animals

Instead of using the regular laundry detergent, I like to throw a cap or two full of Shea and Cocoa Baby Moisture Wash in with my baby girls stuffed animals and delicate clothes. The general effect the soap has on the clothes leaves them soft and the colors intact, I use them for my daughter’s tutu’s, my lace shirts, and our leggings. The stuffed animals come out smelling amazing and the fur looks amazing after every wash.

Cleaning Spills

My girls tend to make unwanted messes, but hey that’s part of learning at their ages. They tend to spell them on the throw character carpets they have in their room, it is super easy to clean in the washing machine. I throw 3 caps full of the Johnson’s® Baby Shea and Cocoa Baby Moisture Wash and call it a day.

For the floor carpets, I simply use a big bowl of warm water and dilute 1-2 Caps of Shea and Cocoa Baby Moisture Wash inside of the water. I gently pour this onto the spill and wait 10-15 minutes for it to sit and soak up the stain. With a dry white washcloth, I pat the spot dry and repeat if necessary, the floor smells amazing afterward and the carpet is unharmed.

Cleaning Dolls Hair

If your little ones like to play dress-up with their dolls then you will understand how any doll’s hair can become a huge bird’s nest. My baby girls like to change hairstyles with every outfit which means the doll’s hair goes through a lot during one play sitting.

When the doll’s hair gets super crazy, my daughter will take them into the bath with her and use Shea and Cocoa Baby Moisture Wash. We treat the dolls as if they were in a hair salon and make sure they are shampooed and rinsed. They are set to air dry on a towel, once dry I brush their hair, the hair comes out so smooth and looks silky shiny.

Daily Face Cleaning Routine

It took me years to understand how important it was to have a daily face cleaning regimen. While it took me years to learn to acquire one it also took me years to find the right products, if you have combination skin the Johnson’s® Baby Shea and Cocoa Baby Moisture Wash is the product for you.

Since this product was made for babies in mind it is made to be gentle on the skin yet still moisturize. This is a great face wash to use after you have finished a great workout at the gym or had a long day and just need to wash your face. I like to use it in my daily face cleaning routine along with my normal moisturizer.

Ways To Use Shea and Cocoa Baby Wash

Have you ever used baby products in your daily life? What do you use baby products for? Head over to Walmart to snag your Johnson’s® Baby products and stock up on some great products you can start using in your daily life today.

Adverse Claims Disclaimer: If someone is reporting an adverse event or a product quality complaint, please tell them to call the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) North America Consumer Care Center at 800-361-8068 during normal business hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. After normal business hours, they can report adverse events or product quality complaints through Contact Us page.

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Brianne Manz (@strollerincity)

Saturday 25th of March 2017

I had no idea there were so many uses for this! Will definitely we using some of your suggestions.

Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

I have extremely sensitive skin and for the longest time growing up, baby wash was the only soap I could use. I am glad I have other choices, but now that this come is shea and cocoa , I might have to try it again.

Shannon Gurnee

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

I love Johnson and Johnson baby products. These are great ways to use the product!


Thursday 23rd of March 2017

What! I had no idea they made this. I am a fan of Johnson's since they changed their formula so I will be looking out for this!


Thursday 23rd of March 2017

I would have never thought about cleaning doll hair sigh baby shampoo! That's brilliant and I must try it!

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