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A Knight Out At Medieval Times

There is nothing like stepping out into town looking for a good time with the family. If you are adventurous and love experiencing different time periods such as the Medieval Times, you must visit your local Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Location. The kids and I have never been to a Medieval Time Dinner & Tournament before, we really didn’t know what to expect. You can’t help but have a good time in a place like this where they encourage your whole family to scream as loud as you can during the entire show.

Here is a little bit more information about the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament as well as a Spring Break offer. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is North America’s longest running and most popular dinner attraction. Guests experience an evening of quality, family entertainment inspired by 11 th century history; and witness live jousting, swordplay, horsemanship and falconry. Guests are taken back in time and encouraged to cheer for one of six “Knights of the Realm,” named after historic regions of medieval Spain while feasting on a four-course banquet served in true medieval, pre-silverware fashion.

They also offer something really great for birthday kings and queens, before the tournament starts they will sound the trumpets and call all the birthday kings and queens to the front. If it’s your birthday you are knighted and given a happy birthday cheer.

Prices for our 2017 Spring Break will be $37.95 for adults and $29.95 for Students & Kids when guests use the code SPR3729 Online

Before the 5 pm shows this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (April 11-13th) Medieval Times will include FREE Jr. Knights Training (limited space available first come first serve) and a FREE activity book for every child! Doors open at 3:30 pm & training begins at 4 pm. Children must be between the ages of 5 and 12 to participate. Training is open to both boys and girls. Closed toe shoes are required to participate.

Once you walk into the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament you are given your table assignments as well as the option to upgrade to a VIP table. I upgraded ours to a Royalty Package which includes preferred seating, VIP lanyard, cheering banner and Knights rally towel for each of the kids and me to wave in support for our valiant black and white knight. We sat in the 2nd row and were just feet away from the arena. The arena itself is huge and was very comfortably set up for all families to enjoy the show. The castle itself was beautifully designed and really makes you feel like you are stepping back in time.

Our excitement was building as we were instructed on what we would be watching as well as what our drink options were. We were cheering on the Black and White knight with his handsome steed. Keke was so excited she couldn’t wait to see her valiant knight in person. As the king made his appearance and introduced the knights of the realm we waved and cheered for our black and white knight.

Before the tournament started we watched as Spanish horses showed off their amazing skills in trotting and doing beautiful jumps. It was so beautiful to see the horses this up close and to witness the many talents they possessed. Without spoiling the whole story I will say what happened next was a great spin on the show itself and had everyone talking and wondering what would happen next. The knights were ready to compete and we watched as the showed off their many skills doing games and competitions.

On our menu as we watched the show. Guests feast on garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, corn cobette, herb-basted potato, pastry of the Castle, coffee and two rounds of select beverages. A full-service bar is also available for adult guests.

The kids and I really enjoyed our feast. There was more than enough food for all of us, we ended up taking home whatever we couldn’t fit in our stomachs and ate those leftovers for dinner the next day. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the Lemon Bread were the kids favorite part of the feast. I loved the coffee and lemon bread together, it was such a great way to end the meal as we watched our knight compete in the games.

The show overall was amazing and even though Malik was upset our knight didn’t win, we had a great time watching the show and eating delicious food. I would highly recommend this experience for all families and would definitely opt to do the VIP experience again as well. The small knick knacks we got to bring home became things the kids got to take to school and show their friends. Keke was able to catch a flower the black and white knight threw into our section. Keke shared her flower and flag during sharing time with her class, she said her class hasn’t been yet and that she was able to tell them all about the show and where to find it.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has nine Castles in Kissimmee, FL, Buena Park, Calif., Schaumburg, Ill., Hanover, Md., Lyndhurst, N.J., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Ga., and Toronto, Ont., Canada. In 2007, the company moved its North American headquarters to Irving, Texas. Medieval Times also owns a private breeding ranch in Sanger, Texas.

Have you ever attended a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament? What was your favorite part of going? Do you plan on going anytime soon? Leave a comment below and spin a tale of what it was like when you first visited the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

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Bernadette Callahan (Aimless Moments)

Sunday 2nd of April 2017

I have never been to the one here in Florida, or any actually. I always see it when we are in that area but never planned on stopping. Looks like a good time, something different which is always a plus.


Saturday 1st of April 2017

That looks like so much fun. I've always wanted to go here. I thought it would be fun to bring the kids.


Friday 31st of March 2017

This place loojs so amazing....I wish i could visit this place


Thursday 30th of March 2017

HAHA! It reminds me of the movie the cable guy... Sadly I dont know of anything big like this in Austria...(restaurant)

Fatima Torres at MTME

Thursday 30th of March 2017

I've been wanting to go with the kids for a while now. Not sure if we have one in our area, I'll have to do some research.

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