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About Me

Hello! My name is Jessica Simms but everyone calls me Jay. I am a 32-year-old single mom of 4 Interracial children, a first-generation Filipino American, and a millennial. We are a big mixed family with a million things to do on our bucket lists. I live in the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

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Jessica Simms Turks and Caicos

About Me

Ever since I was little I have had a passion for food and travel, I remember as a kid I decided I want to visit every country possible before I was 30. As you can see a (few) years later I still have many to check off my bucket list.

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Hi, My Name is Jay!

I have always been intrigued by travel and food, and after watching the many trips Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain took. I thought to myself “one day I would love to do that”!

Four kids, later I am living my dream and traveling and tasting the world one dish at a time.

When I’m not traveling or cooking I’m at home with my 4 little ones just making life work. Life is hectic in our home but I will say every day is a blessing and we truly soak up every moment we can with each memory made.

Jessica Simms Jays Sweet N Sour Life

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Meet My Family

My crew and I can always be found tripping our local area and afar finding fun things to do and experience. I have my oldest who is Anthony (14 Years Old), then Malik (13 years old), then Keturah/Keke (11 years old), and my littlest one Esuun pronounced E-soon (7 years old).

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I love starting my family's mornings off with a delicious hearty breakfast. To keep my kids supercharged for school and adventures beyond, I feed them Eggo Homestyle Waffles. It's a breakfast option that the whole family can agree on.


My littlest one is my firecracker, she is feisty yet has a gentle little heart. She is an aspiring dancer who loves to do flips off of almost anything she can find.

When she isn’t flipping off of everything you can find her dancing and singing to her favorite shows and of course her favorite Disney Princess movies.

Everywhere is her dance floor and she has been known for her powerful moves that mimic her favorite ballet dancers (ex. Movies: Leap, Barbie). Making our day-to-day life very interesting at times.

Backyard Picnic with Yoplait KeKe. Grab your picnic baskets! It’s time to host your very own backyard picnic featuring the foods your family loves. No need to leave home for this bunch of fun, just pick a date and then prep your picnic baskets.
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Keturah is a beautiful up and coming preteen who has her own unique style. She loves to wear her hair out naturally but doesn’t mind an updo when the occasion calls for it. Her passion is singing and performing as well as memorizing every song she fancies.

This year was special as we joined our first Girl Scouts Troup! Say hello to our little Brownie! We will be working on earning new badges this year, and sharing our many adventures as we go along.

When she’s not earning badges you can find Keke being super goofy and cracking jokes when the occasion calls for it. Keke is a very loving big sister and is always there for her and her older brothers.

Making Sure My Teens Enjoy Their Teenage Years To The Fullest


Malik is defiantly the most active and loud sibling we have in the house. If you are ever in need of something fun to do you know to go to Malik.

Playing football is everything to him right now, and he can’t wait for basketball season to start. When it’s not football season, you can find Malik on any of our local Basketball courts practicing for the next season.

He is an expert in the game Fortnite as well as other video games, sometimes you can catch him looking at his favorite YouTuber’s playing his favorite games.

Don’t let his seriousness fool you at times, underlying that is the biggest goofball you could meet with a sense of humor to match it. Malik is learning to speak Spanish and is the daredevil of all my children.


Anthony is a high-spirited 15-year-old who loves to build and create things. He is an architect in training and is also a fantastic artist. If you don’t find him building or drawing things you can find him researching drawing techniques to help future his anime career path.

As an avid reader, he collects and reads as many comic books that he can get his hands on. Spiderman is his favorite superhero and hopes to one day meet Tom Holland in person, along with all of the other Avengers. 

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