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Being The Baby of The Family Isn’t Always Easy

Being The Baby of The Family Isn’t Always Easy, it’s definitely not always sunshine and rainbows. There is the constant being picked last, or getting the last of whatever is being given. Where you have to share the house with all of your crazy siblings, who seemed to get away with murder when mom wasn’t looking.

Being The Baby of The Family Isn’t Always Easy

Let’s face it, we all did it and it’s normal when it happens in a family of multiple kids. I still remember the days where my big brother would sit on me till I squealed loud enough so my mom would hear and come to my rescue. The one thing that we “baby” of the families gets is pressure, pressure to be just like the bigger kids.

Pullups Mishaps 2

Growing Up in a Large Family

Yes, there are amazing perks to being the baby of the family, I will not lie! Those day’s grandma would give you the pick of her secret candy stash, but shhh don’t say I said anything about that.

There are also other pressures to being the baby where everyone expects you to pick up things as quickly as the other kids did. Things like potty training, or maybe even baseball or basketball. The one thing I learned about my “baby” of my family was she isn’t the quickest at picking up potty training.

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Potty Training

I’ve learned many tips and tricks with potty training which are amazing at helping her learn everything there is to learn about potty training. She has caught on to all of those tips and even taught me a few new tricks, but life is life and mishaps happen.

On good days she does very well with using the potty but still does have those mishap moments. It’s all a part of potty training though and she is never scolded for making a small mistake. We just make sure she knows she’s loved and has the support of all of her family, including her rough and tough brothers and sister.

Pullups Mishaps 3

Notable Mishaps

Our most notable mishap that has happened since we have started our potty training journey, is the one we experienced while on a road trip to our local Kings Dominion Theme Park. It was about an hour in on the drive and we hit a wall of traffic when I say a wall I mean we were crawling for a good 15 miles.

During this crawl, Esuun had her moment and let loose in the car with a huge fart followed by some not-so-friendly sounds and smells. It was it, the huge one she had been saving for about 24 hours now.

Use these 5 hacks to make potty training easy and fun. With helpful tips to make potty training a breeze and a supplies you can grab from any store.

Pull-Ups Save the Day!

At this point, there was no way we could stop the car to change her diaper, heck I couldn’t even crawl to the shoulder to change her. So with a sigh of unhappy thought’s myself and other kids included, the kid’s grandma and grandfather all had to suffer, with this huge bomb she let off in her car seat.

All the while she continued to watch Zootopia as we crawled for the last 10 miles and hit the well-deserved exit towards a gas station. The kids cheered and the adults hopped out of the car to let it air out, good thing I always carry around a can of Febreeze! Honestly, I’m happy we kept a PullUp® on her, or else it would have been a totally different story.

Pullups Mishaps 5

Doc McStuffin’s designs on Pull-Ups® training pants

My Esuun loves the Doc McStuffin’s designs on her Pull-Ups® training pants, they have a design on the front (her doctor’s bag) that disappears when she goes tinkle. I like to point out to her that she doesn’t want to get Doc’s doctor bag went when we put on her training pants.

I personally love the One and Done wipes with the Cucumber & Green Tea scent. It’s so magical you wouldn’t even know you just changed a diaper, it takes away all the smell if you know what I mean.

Pullups Mishaps 6

Mishap Moments Tools

Whenever we want to stock up on our Mishap Moments Tools, we head over to our local Walmart Neighborhood Market®. Located in the diaper aisle you can find a fun display of the many sizes and themes of the Pull-Ups® brand training pants. I love to stock up on many essentials at my local Walmart Neighborhood Market®.

I also love that you find some exclusive coupons for the Huggies® brand Diapers and Wipes. There are a few AWESOME money-saving coupons available for you, I made sure to print out mine before I hauled the crew to our local store.

To find your local Walmart Neighborhood Market® Click Here. Is your little potty training? What are your most notable mishap’s your little ones have had while potty training?

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Sunday 21st of August 2016

Being the baby of the family sometimes makes you be the baby of the family forever even if youre all grown up. Haha. Love pull ups as well. Convenient to use.

Claudia Krusch

Monday 8th of August 2016

Your baby sure is soooo cute. Pull ups are a great product and every mom I know loves it!!!

Ayesha Heart

Friday 5th of August 2016

You are so blessed with beautiful kids. I am the youngest and in my case I am so blessed with kind siblings and cousins ^ ^

Kathy Kenny Ngo

Friday 5th of August 2016

Looks like you have a one big happy family. Your kid looks happy!


Thursday 4th of August 2016

You have beautiful kiddos! My brother seem to like being the baby of our family quite well. If you get someone who is picking on you, bigger sibling is always there to watch out for you. When you get home though, is another story all together! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.