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Coravin Model Two Review

A full Coravin Model Two Review as told buy a wine amateur. I’m unboxing and sharing what to expect with the new Coravin Model Two wine uncorker.

Coravin Model Two Review

I would like to say that I am an expert at wine and that I know all there is to know about wine its self. That would totally be a fib since I am still exploring the wonderful world of wine and am still finding my favorites.

Although many of my friends and family would agree that I am not the most knowledgeable, we could all agree that it’s delicious to share with loved ones. I love to have a girl’s night in and pop open a bottle of wine with my girlfriends and joke around as the night fades into the morning.

As much as I love to entertain guests and have tons of girl talk with my girlfriends, there is nothing like a fine wine and good book. On the days when I’m home ready to relax from a long day with the kids, I like to pop open one of my favorite bottles of wine and sit back and relax.

As much as I love to drink wine those pesky corks can seriously become an issue for me. When I found the Coravin Model Two Wine opener at Best Buy I was very excited to put it to work.

What is The Coravin Model Two?

Pour wine without removing the cork by using the Coravin Model Two wine system. The durable needle pierces the cork so you can pour, and then the cork reseals when the needle is removed to preserve the remaining wine. This Coravin Model Two wine system comes with two capsules that let you pour up to 30 glasses of wine.

My Coravin Model Two Review

Overall I would like to admit that using this system did take a lot of the work of opening a bottle of wine away. It was very easy to use once I watched the video above and cut down my serving time by half. My guests were also very excited to use the Coravin Model Two System themselves. I personally like how it took all of the work out of the whole ordeal and gave me more ease of serving.

The Coravin Model Two Includes

– Coravin Model Two Wine System
– 2 Coravin capsules
– Needle clearing tool
– Coravin wine bottle sleeve

Properfit clamp
The system’s easy-to-squeeze clamp fits around the bobottle neck ensuring a secure hold and effortless pour.

Coravin wine needle
The thin wall needle is specially designed to be gentle on your corks and to pour wine smoothly and quickly.

Load Cell technology
The capsule-loading chamber generates an airtight seal, ensuring no gas escapes.

Textured rubber grip
The comfortable handle lets you pour a glass effortlessly, giving you a new grip on wine.

Capsule life
Each Coravin capsule will allow you to pour up to 15 5-oz. glasses of wine.

Pour speed
On average, a 5-oz. pour of wine with a standard needle will take 25 to 29 seconds.

The Coravin Model Two Wine Opener

I know as wine lovers we all become accustomed to the process of opening a bottle of wine but with the Croravin Model Two, I feel like it made the experience more enjoyable. The best part of this system is that since it doesn’t actually remove the cork your wine inside the bottle stays fresh.

I love how it keeps my wine fine and my guests happy every time, I totally just rhymed. If you are like me and sometimes just want that one cup of wine, then this system will work perfectly for you. I highly recommend it as a holiday gift or a gift for any occasion, gift the wine lover in your life a system that will keep giving.

For more information about the Coravin Model Two or to purchase one for yourself or a loved one head over to Do you love wine? Have you been able to experience this amazing system? List your experience below or let us know what your favorite bottle of wine is below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.