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Disney XD’s Walk The Prank Show – Comedy At It’s Best! #WalkThePrank


During my trip to LA for Disney’s The #JungleBookEvent I previously posted about this new and FRESH Disney XD Comedy called Walk The Prank. If you don’t know much about the show here is a some quick info and video for you to look at. Disney XD’s Walk The Prank is an innovative new format that blends scripted comedy with real hidden-camera pranks, Walk the Prank follows a team of practical jokesters who create hilarious over-the- top pranks for an online hidden camera show of the same name.

This show is basically as if your kids went around pranking unsuspected people, but in this case, these people were chosen by family members of friends. So if you ever end up on this show, you can always turn to your best friend or maybe your sister/brother and say thanks! My kids absolutely love this comedy and always catch it on Wednesday at 8:30pm EST. One of their favorite skits was when the bear was attacking the babysitters, my 10-year-old loved that part while my 7-year-old daughter found it hilarious when Bryce Gheisar who plays as Chance younger brother Herman, dressed up like a baby and walked the streets asking for his mom. It was so cute yet so hilariously funny!

WTP_Key Art 1

The series showcases the natural comedic talent and improvisational skills of new young stars including Cody Veith (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, Dawn) as the cool, confident Chance, Bryce Gheisar (A Dog’s Purpose) as Chance younger brother Herman, Jillian Shea Spaeder (Theatre and Mes the Bully) as the tech-savvy Bailey, Brandon Severs (The Neighbors) as Chance’s best friend Dusty, and Tobie Windham (The Wesley’s) as Will, Dusty’s uncle.

The scripted storylines center on the four kids antics in school and at home, which provide a source of inspiration for their pranks. The real and outlandish hidden-camera pranks, seen throughout each episode, capture genuine reactions from unsuspecting strangers.

Walk The Prank Set Photo 7

While on set we were able to snag a quick interview with Tobie Windham’s about what it was like to film with a cast of kids and as well what it was like to punk unknowing people. A question was asked about how people handled being punked at the end and he let us know he came up with a fun way of knowing if that person was okay or mad.

Walk The Prank Set Photo 3

Tobie Windham said that he would always ask for a high 5 at the end of the job and if they gave him a high 5 its meant they were okay and they are able to laugh along with everyone. He did mention one person who was not so willing to give him a high 5 at first but eventually was able to smile and laugh and give him one before they left.

WTP_Key Art 2

Make sure you tune into Disney XD tonight at 8:30 pm EST for the newest episode of Walk The Prank! 

Wednesday, April 20 , Walk the Prank “A Moving Situation.
Chance and Herman learn that their father is up for a big promotion, and they might have to move to a different city if he gets the job.  TV-Y7


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Sunday 24th of April 2016

This is so cute! We don't have this channel, but I would love to check it out with the kids.


Friday 22nd of April 2016

This is a great idea. It look like fun and laughter for the whole family.


Friday 22nd of April 2016

Walk the Prank looks adorable!! And is that the kid from Fuller House on it???

? The MrsTee ? (@themrstee)

Friday 22nd of April 2016

My Kids and I crack up every time we see the ads for this show! It definitely looks like a show full of laughs!

Stephanie Pass

Friday 22nd of April 2016

This is one channel I do miss. My kids would just love this show.

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