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The Enso Day Spa

The Enso Day Spa [ CLOSED ]

There is nothing like spending the day at the spa after a long week of mom duties. I personally love to visit day spa’s around my area but didn’t seem to find one that fit my fancy. The spa was either a quick service turnaround type of business of it boiled down to just getting a quick service and then heading back home to the family. I was recently invited to visit The Enso Day Spa in Woodbridge, Virginia and this hands down was the best day spa in my area.

2701 Neabsco Common Place
Suite #118
Woodbridge, VA 22190
(571) 285-3496

To give you more insight on why The Enso Day Spa is the place to go in Northern Virginia, I will have to introduce you to the owner herself. Michelle started her business with a vision that is fully expressed throughout the entire spa. The name of the spa actually came to her when she was designing her circle-shaped rooms, the worker described Enso as:

“ENSO” is a circular symbol, hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. It symbolizes enlightenment, strength and elegance, the embodiment of Enso Day Spa.

How did The Enso Day Spa Become A Reality?

Michelle served oversea’s, and when she would come home she would book appointments at a spa to feel refreshed after being stuck in the desert, grime, and dirt. This was her way of resetting and getting back to her normal self, she realized when she came home that we didn’t have what she had experienced in other countries. Around here it was all about getting what you needed to be done and then promptly leaving the spa.

In other countries as I have experienced myself, it’s a full day emersion of where you experience multitudes of pampering and oodles of relaxation for the whole day. Michelle wanted to bring back that love she had for a Day Spa with her, and share it with others. Thus was born her version of the later named Enso Day Spa.

Enso Day Spa Experiences

The number one thing you will hear upon entering The Enso Day Spa is that they do not offer services, they offer experiences. The full spa is open for all who visit, all amenities are free to use if you purchase a facial or massage experience. If you are just visiting the nail salon or hair salon you can just add on the full spa to your package and use all the amenities. Among many of the experiences they provide by appointment or walk in, they also host events for many different occasions.

Just recently they hosted a Date Night which four couples attended and the entire spa was closed off for those couples, a chef was on hand and offered up a delicious menu for the attendees. The full Enso Day Spa was open for them to use at their leisure, in my opinion, this seems like an amazing date night.

Check out all of the Experiences you can take advantage of on your future trip to Enso Day Spa.

The Locker Room

Awaiting you in your designated locker you will find a pair of slippers, an amazingly soft and comfortable robe.  As well as a plastic bag to put your swimsuit in, and ample room to store your valuables. Each robe boasts two pockets in the front which easily house your locker key and anything else you would like to keep close and on hand. This locker room is equipped with two bathrooms and a shower which spray water in all directions! Yes, I’m in love!

FYI: Beyond this point of the spa, you are HIGHLY encouraged to not use your cell phones throughout the spa. It’s about disconnecting and rejuvenating, so leaving your cell phone in your locker or maybe on silent in your pocket is the way to go. Disconnect for a few hours and let your mind have a rest with your friends and family for the day.

The Sauna/Steam Room

I am a lover of both the Sauna and Steam Room, but as Michelle pointed out in the video they both do two different things for you. The Sauna is the dry heat, while the Steam Room is wet heat. I personally enjoy using both as I am a big lover in sweating out all that gunk in your system.

The Relaxation Area/Hot Tub

Walk-in and get ready to relax as you kick back your feet and recline into a soft chair that you could literally fall asleep on. It’s made for moms like me who need that super soft comfortable chair, next to a Hot Tub that makes a beautiful bubbly sound. If you’re like me and forgot your swimsuit, you can still join in on the hot tub fun by just sticking your pretty feet into the water. It’s amazing here trust me!

Nail Salon

A nail salon is available, I highly recommend making an appointment ahead of time. The pedicures are a must have! If you look at the video above you can check out the inside of the nail salon and get a sneak peak at how comfy those pedicure seats are.

Hair Salon

Take advantage of their full hair salon which offers many different options to choose from, anything from a simple hair cut to highlights and styles is available. Book your appointment today and get an amazing experience with a friend, family member or just by yourself. Either way you will have an amazing time I promise!


Facials, oh my goodness facials. I received a facial from a lovely lady who made my face feel amazing! I honestly have the worst trouble with trying to upkeep my face and it is a long going battle that I have been fighting for over two decades (I don’t sound old saying that right?). Well if you’re like me looking for an awesome facial to help with those pesky acne scars, or maybe just a rejuvenating facial this is the place to go.

I highly recommend getting a facial done here, with my experience they get the job done and I was told I had a noticeable difference in my face from just one quick service appointment! Can you believe that? Yes, this mom is scheduling her next facial ASAP. Best of all you can ask all the questions you want and also learn something new about your skin like I did.


Just the word massage makes me feel all warm inside, snag yourself a massage during your visit and you won’t be sorry. I haven’t had one in forever so when I was able to receive one at Enso Day Spa I was all too happy to lay down and get started.

With all the different options of massages to choose from it’s a wonder why I don’t just pitch a tent in this spa and live here forever. I loved my massage and admittingly almost fell asleep on the table because it made me feel so good and relaxed.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Enso Day Spa now and book yourself an appointment, you can also speak to Michelle about planning any type of event you wish and she will work with you to make it one to remember.

Remember at Enso Day Spa it’s about the experience and she will make it one to remember. Just remember to walk in ready to be taken care of, choose from champagne, beer, or fruit water and let the day begin.

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Tiara Wilson

Thursday 11th of May 2017

A spa with a nail salon? My kind of spa! I would go to this spa for a day away from the baby just to soak it all up. The hot tub and sip some moscato while getting my nails done, haha. My favorite 3 things in one!

Jeni Hawkins

Thursday 11th of May 2017

This looks like such an amazing spa. I would love to have a full day like this of relaxation to myself.

Lorena Murcia

Thursday 11th of May 2017

I need a place like this one soon so relaxed and peaceful, maybe for my next holidays!

Tim B

Wednesday 10th of May 2017

That hot tub looks so relaxing! Appears you had a great time during your visit. It is always nice to pamper yourself from time to time.


Wednesday 10th of May 2017

It's been years since the last time I was pampered from head to toe in a spa. I hope I get pampered again in a spa this Mother's Day. ;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.