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Exclusive Interview With ‘Avengers Age Of Ultron’ Director Joss Whedon

The Avengers Age Of Ultron isn’t Joss Whedon’s first film he has actually worked on many films but is recently being recognized for his impact of the pop culture community. In this funny interview, Joss Whedon reveals some insightful information about his filming of the Avengers Age Of Ultron movie. 

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Exclusive Interview With ‘Avengers Age Of Ultron’ Director Joss Whedon

Have you looked in our past interviews with Elizabeth Olsen & Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth? In each interview, the stars are very down-to-earth and funny. Check out below what Joss Whedon has to say about his newest film and his Actors.

Also, don’t forget to check out this awesome photograph we got to take with Joss Whedon! My trip to Los Angeles was definitely one to remember for a lifetime. Oh Yeah! At the end of the interview, there is another group photo of us that I think you will like so don’t forget to check that out!

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Question: Yesterday, we had to interview your brother for Agents of Shield and I was just wondering do you guys stay up late and have phone calls and have strategizing sessions and say this is what we’re going to do next?

Joss Whedon: Well, I just made a movie and he just had a baby, so not lately. We did when we were first starting out, but at some point, this movie consumed me not unlike a whale.

joss whedon qoute 1Photo Credit: Marvel – Edits Made By Me

Question: That iconic shot of the Avengers jumping in slow motion. How that came to be and whose idea was it?

Joss Whedon:  We just caught it by accident. I hadn’t even said action yet. They were just clowning around and somebody had a phone, so that was great. That shot was the last shot we got finished ‘cause it’s over a minute long and I wanted to create some frames that were just unabashedly comic book frames that would speak to our love of the film and that one took longer to create than anything else.

— Referring to how the movie starts with it going directly into Action Packed Scenes —

It was important to me to have that right away, like first up in the movie. Not to say now we’ve got to get everybody back together and let’s go find them, now we find Captain America and he’s digging in a trench and now we find whoever instead just go boom, we’re back.  This is what you love.  Are you having fun?  Good.  Now we’re going to tear it apart.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Question: Was it really hard to make sure everyone got enough screen time? How did you balance that?

Joss Whedon: Yes, It’s hard. What’s important is making everybody integral to this story and not just have it sort of being a roll call where it’s like I’m also in the film. Making sure that the twins’ story was part of Ultron’s story and obviously making sure that their perspective on the Avengers had something to do with Ultron’s and so that there was always a reason for everyone to be together.

The good thing is they worked so well against each other so when you’re giving somebody their moment, it’s usually with somebody else.  It’s usually playing against somebody else, either arguing with or having fun with or teaming up with and so they do create their own little webs, so it’s difficult.

It’s not Magnolia where you’re telling all these separate stories that are just vaguely intertwined. It’s they’re doing some of that job for me. By the way, if it was Magnolia, it would be the best movie ever made, but I can’t reach for the stars, people.  I’m just a man.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Question: You’ve done so much to influence pop culture. Who inspires you to reach further and higher to make this entire universe?

Joss Whedon:  I kind of I have a weird relationship with pop culture.  I’ve never really been a part of it until I suddenly was, most of my influences are a little left of center and, or very old.  You know, the directors that I look at, when I’m thinking about a movie, usually are people like Vincent Minnelli or Sam Fuller, or Frank Barseghian, but it’s the people who, not just artists. It’s just the people in my, in my own life that I see working four times as hard as I ever can.

Trying to do things they can’t. Those, those are the people that make me sit down and go, oh wait a minute, I can do better because ultimately, the only person who’s ever really going to inspire me to go further and do better is me. 

I have to sort of gear up and I should actually have two chairs because, at some point, I always do go, okay you need to work harder, you need to do more, you need to be better.  I’ll tell you who’s inspired me, is Lin-Manuel Miranda because seeing Hamilton at the Public Theatre was just such a breathtaking experience.

And the amount of work that he did for six years to put that together, I just thought, oh, gotta bring up my game.  There it is.  The bar is higher again ******.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Question: In the movie, we saw the introduction of the Hulkbuster, were there any difficulties filming that?

Joss Whedon:  Well there is some slight enormous difficulties in the fact that neither of those people exists, so there’s a lot of issues [LAUGHTER], with the camera, there’s a lot of guys saying we’re here.  Now he’s over there. We had the thing mapped out very carefully, so it was in a way simpler because they weren’t like I need another. 

I need to go again but you shoot all of this stuff sort of with the faith that this will work physically and then the hard work comes, you know, up at ILM where they’re dialing in this action you’ve described.

In a way that looks human and believable, yet completely over the top, and the work they did with those guys and with the Hulk, in particular, who’s not just the Hulk there, but he’s angry even for the Hulk.  He’s unhinged and it’s a different performance than he’s given before and the way they captured that, to me, was breathtaking, but it took a little time.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Question: You filmed in numerous countries, South Africa being one of them what was that like?

Joss Whedon :  Fun.  I mean, I got to a lot of countries I’ve never been to and to see these beautiful cities and these places and, and eat really good food and generally, yeah, I don’t get to take vacations.  Location scouting is definitely the next best thing.

Question: Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olson didn’t have to audition for their roles, what was it about them made them perfect for the roles?

Joss Whedon:  I didn’t want anybody else.  I just wanted them. Aaron is too pretty to live, but I’ve had dealt with the Hemsworth problem, so I can forgive.  He’s somebody that I just saw even in Kick-Ass where he’s playing kind of a weak character, that he just commands the screen and it was.

I think Nowhere Boy, where I just said, oh, this is my guy because he’s an old school movie star.  He’s that commanding and beautiful. But he also looks like he could be kind of an arrogant dick.  He’s not.  He’s the sweetest puppy I know, but he’s great at playing that sort of like, oh, I got this. 

You know, that sort of, and that’s Quicksilver to a tee.  Quicksilver is that sort of, he’s always hotheaded, he’s always you know being a pain for everyone, but is essential and very cool.  I sat down with Lizzie ‘cause, I’d just seen Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene and, I hope I got those in the right order. You spend two minutes with Lizzie and you not only don’t want anybody else for the role, you think maybe she should play all of them.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Question: What was the hardest scene to shoot? Do you have one that sticks out?

Joss Whedon:   I would say probably after the first attack by Ultron.  Everybody’s in the lab kind of trying to figure out what’s going on. We referred to that as the WTF scene and it was just very difficult for me to put, to put together.  It’s hard to explain why.  

There’s something about the way the light in the room, I just could not find the focus of where everybody should be and how they should move and Robert had to do something really difficult which was started laughing in the middle of this scene, as sincerely like, become a little unhinged.

And getting there and sort of making that work, that was one that I struggled with.  I struggled a lot with the party scene.  The after-party scene which I actually shut down during shooting early one day because I was just, I started shooting it and I hated everything I was doing, and then I was like what should I do? 

What’s wrong?  And then I realized, wait a minute.  Didn’t I just make an entire movie where people sit around and drink?  Wasn’t that Much Ado About Nothing?  Oh, and then I called.  I was like give me some, I need cards, I need beers. Anyway, I get all these things and we’ll do it all handheld and we’ll just let them go and as soon as I remembered how to shoot a party it became a party.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Question: Was the party scene all scripted or were the actor’s ad-libbing?

Joss Whedon: There’s a little throwing stuff out.  With Robert in a situation like that, I’ll usually give him five or six options just to see what tickles his fancy and he’ll sort of run through them.  Most of it is scripted but I like to leave a little room for those guys. 

First of all, they’re all funny, articulate people who really know their characters, and second of all it sort of helps the flow particularly in something like that.  You don’t want to feel camera moves, and dialogue.  You just want to feel like you stayed at the party. I’m glad.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Question: We hear Ultron say, “upon this rock, I shall build my church, and we also hear the vision say I am.” Was there any type of significance to having these forms of artificial intelligence kind of speak those Biblical terms?

Joss Whedon:  Yes.  I mean it’s not necessarily specific in the sense of we are saying this about this person, this about Ultron, to say he has a bit of a God complex is, is, is not, and that was all James, by the way. 

We are talking about new life and we are talking about the vision, in particular, is something, sort of more than that iconography is deliberate, but it’s open to interpretation.  I’m not saying, you know, uh, that they are one thing or another.  Our response to them contains some element of that understanding of ourselves and our history.

I mean, it’s a Frankenstein story as much as it’s anything else and the Frankenstein story is, who made me?  Why am I here?  And I guess I’m kind of pissed about it. That iconography rolls into that very naturally.

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Photo Credit: Marvel – Edits Made By Me

Question: Did you plan something at the beginning of production that you didn’t get to do in the movie?

Joss Whedon: Is there something we didn’t do in the movie?   [LAUGHTER]  So much movie.  There’s always stuff you sort of either give up on or just realize is ridiculous, but I can’t really think of something we didn’t do.  There’s stuff we cut out you know, the first cut of the movie was an hour longer than the one that’s in theaters. I think it’s the length it should be.

I’m very happy.  It’s, in fact, a minute shorter than the first one which is a point of personal pride because [LAUGHTER] as much as I wanted this to be bigger, I didn’t want it to be bloat.  I didn’t want us to seem like we were full of ourselves, like, oh, you love us.  Here are three hours.  You’d like to pee?  Tough.  [LAUGHTER]

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 – Edits Made By Me


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Genre:                                      Action-Adventure

Rating:                                      TBD

U.S. Release date:                    May 1, 2015

Running Time:                           TBD

Cast:                                        Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård with James Spader and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Writer/Director:                         Joss Whedon

Producer:                                  Kevin Feige, p.g.a.

Executive Producers:                 Louis D’Esposito, Alan Fine, Victoria Alonso, Jeremy Latcham, Patricia Whitcher, Stan Lee, Jon Favreau

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