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A GoodNites® Guide to a Dry Bed – KeKe’s Story

Today on the blog we are sharing my daughter KeKe’s story with how we were able to overcome bedwetting. A real-life guide to bedwetting, as told by a mother and daughter. Learn how to cope with bedwetting from this mom’s personal experiences. I am sharing A GoodNites® Guide to a Dry Bed which includes tips that helped us.

A GoodNites® Guide to a Dry Bed – KeKe’s Story

Hey, mom, dad, or maybe even grandma or grandpa! First off I want to let you know before you read the rest of this article, you are not alone and there are other parents or grandparents out there searching for the same information you are seeking.  

Many of us search high and low for a guide that can help with bedwetting. I will let you know before you go on that this article is not meant to be a cure for bedwetting, but purely me sharing my experience with my daughter and our uncharted waters.

What really saved the day with our situation was our use of the GoodNites brand products. But I will talk more about that later on in this article.

Hi, my name is KeKe!

Before anything I would love for you to personally meet my daughter Keturah, we call her KeKe for short. KeKe is a fun-loving girl who loves everything Frozen-themed as well as anything purple. She is a goofball at heart and loves to laugh and giggle.

She recently learned how to do a perfect cartwheel, can do the splits and hula-hoop circles around me. Keke is the proud big sister to Esuun and the little sister of two brothers Anthony and Malik.

Bedwetting Guide For Kids

If you’re like my daughter and me, then you will know that potty training went how it would normally go with a 2-3-year-old girl. It was fairly smooth and she took to it with great interest and loved how everyone would clap and give her stickers if she used the potty on her own.

It wasn’t until she was about 4 years old that she started to wet the bed again. It took us a while but we found out that she was suffering from jealousy from her new baby sister, unconsciously she was wetting the bed due to stress from the new living arrangements.

I made sure to sit down and talk to KeKe and let her know that even though she has a younger sister, she would never replace the love I have for her in my heart.

Step 1: Cutting off liquids

To cope with her bedwetting which sometimes still pops up randomly although she is now 7 years old, we found a routine that works for her. It doesn’t cure the problem but it helps her stay calm and helps us minimize the nights she does wet the bed.

At the beginning of the routine. we start with cutting her off from liquids about an hour before bedtime. This helps her work through whatever liquids she already has during the rest of our nighttime routine.

Step 2: Warm Bath and a Potty Break.

The next step in her nighttime routine was to give her a warm bath or shower, we get her favorite body wash, and let her just relax. After her bath or shower, I will have her go potty, any liquid from earlier should come out at this point.

Step 3: PJ’s and a GoodNites® Under Pants 

I like to get her PJs ready while she is in the bathtub and lay them on her bed. I also pick out a few books for her to choose from to read. Keke will pick out which GoodNites® underpants character she wants to wear for the night, and will put those on under her PJ’s.

Step 4: Cuddle Up With A Good Book

Reading a book before bedtime creates a calming atmosphere where my daughter is able to relax and let her mind wander with her favorite characters. I feel like this is a great way to unwind and relax as we put a close on her adventurous day. I always have a few for her to choose from and we will take turns reading each night. She loves to read to me but also enjoys when I read along with her.

Step 5: Night Light

Many kids or parents know this, but sometimes what may be causing the bed-wetting is the child may be afraid of the dark. If they wake up at night and want to go potty but are too afraid to trek towards the bathroom because it is too dark, they will opt to stay in the bed. I found out my daughter hates to sleep in the dark, I got her this little night light a few months ago and she loves it!

It keeps her room lit without lighting up her room too much, making it hard for her to fall asleep. She also loves to sleep with the fish tank light on as well, she loves to watch her fish dance in the night while she closes her little eyes.

Helpful Bedwetting Tools

Something to keep in mind when you are coping with Bed Wetting is that 1 in 6 kids age 4-12 wet the bed once or more per week after potty training ends. At night, your child’s bladder doesn’t wake his or her brain in time to use the bathroom. Also, keep in mind Children can’t control bedwetting.

It can’t be trained away, but most children outgrow it. My daughter is 7 years old and while she has outgrown the bedwetting stage, she still has her accidents every once in a while, but with our routine, we helped her learn how to cope with everything comfortably in her own way.

The NEW GoodNites TruFit® Underwear

Walmart provides the best breadth of solutions and the best value for superior bedwetting management, my family and I trust the GoodNites® brand for all of our bedwetting needs. Everything from bed mats to The GoodNites® new real underwear’s line called TruFit®.

The TruFit® underwears look, feels, and washes like real underwear. Soft fabric underwear that works with disposable protection inserts to keep sheets and PJs dry all night. The absorbent, disposable inserts that are inserted into the underwear and provide outstanding nighttime protection.

GoodNites® TruFit® Underwear

The TruFit® Underwears offer Outstanding Nighttime Protection, are Machine-washable underwear, and offer Colors and Patterns for boys and Girls. My daughter sometimes chooses those to wear at night but loves to wear her character GoodNites®.

I personally love that the GoodNites® Bedtime Pants are made just for boys and girls ages 4 and up with outstanding protection in any sleeping position.

They also help them maintain a sense of privacy and self-esteem until your child outgrows bedwetting. Oh, and they are more absorbent vs the leading training pants. The New zoned protection where boys and girls need it, 25% stretchier sides to fit & move like underwear, 5 layer protection, looks and fits like real underwear.

GoodNites® Trufit

The next little one to use these amazing products is my little Esuun, she is just finishing her potty training but still is struggling with her nighttime bedwetting.

Since we have had such a great experience with the GoodNites® product line we will definitely be looking to those products to help my little one adventure into these new adventures. There is also a $2/1 GoodNites® Coupon available for you to use to help save some money on your next trip to Walmart.

Do you have a bedwetter? Have you ever tried the GoodNites® brand products? What is your experience with bedwetting and what worked for you? You can find more information about Causes and Solutions for bedwetting on the GoodNites® website.

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Fashionable Librarian

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

These are great tips to follow that can help the bedwetter in your family


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

What a cute post! With two of my kids sleeping through the night without wetting the bed (finally), I know exactly what you mean. Potty training is hard! These Goodnites have really cute designs too..

DC (@GameOnMom)

Monday 9th of May 2016

We used these with both kids. They were very helpful and the kids loved the designs.


Sunday 8th of May 2016

my little one is just learbing how to crawl. But should time comes he will be needing this, i will definitely buy. Havent tried this brand but read a number of nice reviews.


Saturday 7th of May 2016

This had some great info, thank you! We're not quite at the potty training stage yet but it'll be this year we start. We'll see how it goes :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.