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The Green Festival Expo DC – Featuring Kia EcoDynamics Vehicles

The Green Festival Expo celebrates its 13th in the DC this May. Find out what I thought about test driving the new Kia EcoDynamics Vehicles while attending the expo.

The Green Festival Expo in DC Featuring Kia EcoDynamics Vehicles

It’s the year 2017 which technically means we are in that futuristic time that many of us thought was lightyears ahead. There are times I look around at the amazing technology we have available and think, wow I’m actually living in the future.

Futuristic Technology for Today!

I remember sitting on my living room floor and watching Zenon Girl Of The 21rst Century and saying, wow it would be amazing to be living in a time like that where technology is so advanced it makes not only our daily lives easier but the planet we live on healthier.

As the mother of 4 beautiful children, I am always cautious of how we take care of our home planet and how with all of the technological advances that we are able to achieve things we thought were once impossible.

The Green Festival Expo in DC

As the times change we always look to the brands and companies we love to move with our needs and the planet’s needs. Last week The Green Festival Expo came to Washington, D.C. and I excitedly attended looking forward to the many products that would be featured.

I saw some new small business as well who sold things like raw honey, organic chips, and so much more. I also some familiar brands like Mom’s Organic Market which I’ve heard nothing but good things about as well as the Kia Motors Booth.

Test Driving Kia EcoDynamic Vehicles

Located towards the entrance of the Green Festival Expo you can find this beautiful Niro Hybrid in a beautiful blue (My son’s favorite color!). If you are attending the Green Festival Expo you have to visit the Kia booth.

Kia is offering test drives in their amazing Kia EcoDynamic vehicles that you have to see up close and personal. I was able to schedule a test drive in all 3 of their cars. After signing up for the fun little adventure I was whisked (I took an escalator) to where I found the Kia Soul EV, Kia Optima Hybrid or Hybrid Plug-in, and Kia Niro.

Pssst, they were also offering amazon gift cards for those who test drove their cars (wink).

Check out A Closer Look at the Kia EcoDynmaic’s Vehicles during my Test Drive’s

Kia Soul EV

I was able to drive all 3 of these beauties and for now, let’s start with the beautiful Kia Soul EV. As adults of this futuristic world, we live in it’s important that we do whatever we can to reduce that Carbon Footprint that we seem to have seemed to have stomped all over our beautiful world.

The reason I love Kia so much is not just because they make such stylish vehicles, it’s because they strive constantly to offset our carbon footprint. Their introduction of the Kia Soul EV is just what we need, it’s perfect for inner-city travel and comes equipt with wonderful amenities to make your commute and upkeep of the vehicle a breeze.

Kia’s Soul EV

I’ve grown up in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area which means I’ve seen each city grow throughout the years. Each city grows at its own pace but each city becomes more and more Eco-Car friendly making vehicles like Kia’s Soul EV such a dream to own.

The Kia Soul EV offers 90 Miles per charge as well as an onscreen Charge Station locator for your convenience. How much of an impact will you have by just driving this eco-friendly vehicle?


Every 60 gallons of gas used to power a car produces over half a ton of carbon dioxide. When you drive an EV, you produce zero CO2 tailpipe emissions.

I don’t know about you but that makes me super excited! The Soul EV qualifies for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.* Click Here For More Information.

Kia Full Electric Vehicle

This Full Electric Vehicle runs entirely on electricity, it currently features onboard navigation that can help you find local charge stations. This feature allows you to plan out where you park your car making your commute to and from work, a breeze.

It’s also great for when you plan on staying in the local city for a fun weekend with the family. Since this is a fully electric vehicle it boasts money-saving features when it comes to having to change your oil or regular gas vehicle maintenance. 

I personally love that this car doesn’t need gas to operate, I took it for a test drive and didn’t feel like there was a difference between the driving experience compared to a gas-run vehicle. It has a great braking system and has a great pickup when it comes to zipping around cars on the highway or like myself around cars in Washington D.C.

Kia Niro Hybrid

When it comes to purchasing a Hybrid there are a few things to consider, things such as how many miles per charge/tank. As well as style, size, and of course the up costs of taking care of a vehicle like this.

If you were shopping for a Hybrid obviously you would be most concerned with how many miles your battery/tank will get you. Living in a city those miles matter and personally, I like to make sure that I’m covered in case traffic gets crazy and I get stuck sitting on the highway.

Regenerative Breaking

Have you ever heard of Regenerative Breaking? As you drive the car captures your unspent energy and turns it into an electric charge. Basically, when you are driving your car captures that energy that usually goes unspent and captures that energy that would normally be lost. This car also acts as your co-pilot making it easy for you to just drive from point A to point B.

This amazing Hybrid does all the work for you with switch young you from electric to gas so you save the most gas/electricity as possible. That means this car basically thinks for you and makes sure you enjoy your commute. It also saves you a ton of cash! Who doesn’t want to save a ton of cash?

The Kia Niro Hybrid Features

This Kia Niro Hybrid boasts a two-toned interior which is new for Kia’s line, I loved the color tons and thought the colors were beautiful. These cars come standard with heated seats as well as an A/C (cools you down) seat feature meaning no more sweating while you drive.

Usually, I crank up the A/C so I can get my entire body cooled down, but with this feature, I am able to cool down my entire body without freezing my arms off.

I love this vehicle so much it was definitely one that picks up quickly and gives you that Sporty feel, in a midsize SUV. Lots of space for the family as well as trunk space for those millions of bags of groceries we get on a weekly basis.

Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid

The Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid was hands down my favorite of the 3 Eco-Friendly vehicles. Why you might ask, what could set this one vehicle apart from the rest. Well, I personally love how it features the Regenerative Breaking system I talked about earlier on, as well as the super stylish interior.

I love the style of the car and how it has a sporty option that you can turn this automatic into a manual. Perfect for zipping around that crazy traffic on the highway yet still staying sleek and stylish. I really loved this car and cannot wait to hopefully purchase one for my inner-city driving. I love my minivan but I also love to have town cars that maximize my savings yet still give me that “I feel AMAZING” feeling.

Green Festival Expo’s Details

If you are looking to test drive Kia EcoDynamic Vehicles at one of the wonderful Green Festival Expo’s you can find them at one of these upcoming locations:

  • Green Festival Expo New York June 10-11
  • EV Fest, Portland OR July 1
  • Boston GreenFest August 11-13
  • Connecticut Folk Festival & Green Expo September 9
  • Portland Green Fest, Porland ME September 10
  • Alt Car Expo, Santa Monica CA September 15-16
  • Green Festival Expo San Francisco November 11-12

Have you test-driven one of these fantastic Eco-Friendly vehicles yet? Which one would you pick as your first test drive? Head over here to purchase your Green Expo Festival Tickets For more information about Kia’s EcoDynamic Vehicle’s HERE.

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Wednesday 24th of May 2017

I've never thought of Kia's as classy cars, but wow this post certainly changes my mind. These vehicles look awesome!

Rosey Everyday

Wednesday 24th of May 2017

Great post! I need to eventually get a hybrid car they can be so efficient. I've been seeing a lot of KIA's lately they are beginning to sell me.

Dana Vento

Wednesday 24th of May 2017

Super nice brand of car. I am thinking last time what car would be buy. When I read this, it caught my attention into this. So awesome.

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