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Interview with Dariany Santana – Host of Wags to Riches on

Watch my full interview with the host of the new series Wags to Riches Dariany Santana. Plus learn more about the series Wags to Riches Featuring Animal-Loving Entrepreneurs With Unique Dreams, Now Available to stream on!

Wags To Riches –

New Series “Wags to Riches” Featuring Animal-Loving Entrepreneurs With Unique Dreams. Now streaming for free on, each one of the 13 episodes showcases a different animal-loving entrepreneur each week. w

With unique dreams and the ways they found the opportunity to make their passion into their career.

New Series Wags To Riches

We spend almost $104 billion each year on our pets. Our furry friends are a booming industry and we’re highlighting some of the people thriving in the business of animals. 

From trained cats to party goats, dog houses to guinea pig dating, streetwear for canines to horse therapy for kids with special needs, these entrepreneurs and their creativity are unforgettable. 

“Wags to Riches” is a behind-the-scenes look at the most interesting animal entrepreneurs showcasing the true “tails” of their journey! 

Stay up to date with the latest in entertainment news! Don’t miss out on all of the newest shows, series, movies, interviews, and behind-the-scenes info right here on my blog!

Interview with Dariany Santana

Check out this fun interview I had with the host of’s newest series Wags to Riches. Dariany is an animal lover that loves to try new things. Dariany is so much fun to talk to, it was really cool to get some behind-the-scenes details about the show.

Along with a fun story about how a Goat stole her lines during one of the best episodes in my opinion. That and her first date in a Cat Cafe, I mean I’m totally down to have a first date in a cat cafe!

Learn more about the host and find out what to expect in this fun new series that explores businesses with animals as their main focus.

Wags To Riches Host Dariany Santana

DarianySantana is a Cuban American who was born and raised in New Jersey. She’s a tv host, actress, and comedian. She is the correct owner of the Cuban restaurant ChaCha Cha in Kenilworth, NJ.

She’s a viral content creator creating funny and relatable content when she’s not shooting tv shows or doing stand-up

Wags To Riches Episodes

Episodes of “Wags to Riches” are free and roll out weekly on

The new show Ramen Profitable is now streaming on Million Stories, catch all the newest episodes on Each episode watches early-stage founders fight to turn a profit and gives an inside look at the economics behind entrepreneurship.

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Million Stories is designed to inspire, entertain and transform money talk from boring and taboo to something compelling and socially relevant. Told in short form, bite-sized episodes, there is something for everyone. From laugh-out-loud comedy to thoughtful and relatable reality, the channel will offer a broad and highly relevant array of content.
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