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Lunch Time At Olive Garden – Family Food Adventure

Olive Garden Hero PhotoAs a young girl my family would bring me to Olive Garden when they were craving Italian Cuisine. Honestly I think they fell in love with the Salad and Breadsticks, but SHHHH we will stick to the original story. Something I strive to push my kids to do is taste different ethnic foods at least once a week. If you read my previous story about our trip to The On The Border Mexican Grille and Cantina you will have learned sometimes we win and sometimes we fail. This week I decided to take them to a place we haven’t been in forever. The reason for us not going for so long is the fact being that they were so young they weren’t able to enjoy the food the way they would now.Olive Garden Lobby and Sign CollageToday was exceptionally beautiful day where the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze to air out the summer air. We ventured inside The Olive Garden with our belly’s rumbling as if they were the chime bell for lunch time.  We were greeted by some very nice young ladies who promptly sat us in a comfortable booth in the corner of the restaurant. This mom’s favorite place to be! Mainly because we are less likely to cause disruption to others enjoying their lunch meals.

Olive Garden Kids Menu

Olive Garden Kids Menu2

The Kids Menu included some super cool stickers, my 2 year old was flipping out and trying to decorate everything on our table including my arm and some silverware. I feel like I’m a good sticker model though since I am always being decorated with them on random parts of my body. Last time it was my arm leg but today it was my right arm.

Olive Garden Esuun coloring Olive Garden Stickers

There were a lot of choices for the kids to pick from and customize their pasta. If you would like to get pasta you can choose the type of noodle you want, the sauce and if you want meatballs and meat you can just check or circle whichever you want.

Olive Garden Lunch Menu CollageThe Lunch Menu had a lot of choices that fit my budget as well as entice my rumbling stomach and eyes. Yes I said eye’s because my eye’s eat my food first which I’m sure anyone can relate to. I decided to go with the Signature Breadstick Chicken Parmesan Bun Sandwich with a side of Parmesan French Fries. I had a choice between unlimited soup or unlimited salad, I chose the unlimited salad so the kids could enjoy it with me.Olive Garden Salad and Bread Sticks Olive Garden SaladAs always we loved the salad and breadsticks! The kids particularly like the breadsticks the most while I love both since I can dip my breadstick into my salad dressing yum! Just a perfect pair these two are. After we finished our salad and breadsticks our lunch arrived.

Olive Garden Kids Chicken and Pasta Olive Garden Side Of FriesFor the kids meals they decided to get the Chicken Fingers with Spaghetti Pasta, and of course a side of Parmesan French Fries. I think they were happy since All I got was smiling faces! I loved how enthusiastic they were about trying to get those big noodles in their mouth’s. They made quite a scene attempting this which made for great pictures.Olive Garden Kids Eating PastaMy food had finally arrived and oh my goodness was it good! The breadstick was crispy along with the warm chicken and yummy melting cheese. My french fries were out of this world (I’m a BIG French Fry Connoisseur so I tend to critique my potatoes more diligently than others). YUMMY! Is all I really have to say about that lol Crispy Warm goodness topped with Parmesan Cheese YES COME TO MOMMA!

Olive Garden Breadstick Chicken Parm Olive Garden Chicken Parm 2

I think it’s safe to say today’s lunch was a success for this mom! I feel like they were able to experience Italian Cuisine yet not step to far out of their comfort zones. Although I peaked at the Dessert menu I stayed faithful to my diet and didn’t order one lick of these tasty yet so enticing desserts. Did I make a mistake though LOL?

Olive garden Dessert Menu CollageDuring our visit I actually made a new friend who’s name is Daysi and she is one of our Olive Garden Staff Members. She has a beautiful soul and is definitely someone I can call a NEW FRIEND. I really hope I get to see her soon again and that next time we can sit at a table together and share a meal.

What do you think about our visit? Have you been to Olive Garden before? What’s your favorite meal or what would you like to try the next time you visit?


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mumwrites (@vixquips)

Thursday 16th of July 2015

we need more kid-friendly restaurants to try with our children and this looks really interesting. i wonder when they are planning to open a branch overseas?

Katie Reed

Tuesday 14th of July 2015

We love Olive Garden. The kids can always find something that they enjoy and they love the stickers and crayons of course. I enjoy the simple, tasty food.


Tuesday 14th of July 2015

I love OIive Garden one of my favorite restaurants. Everything I have tried till now has always been delicious. Love their bread, fresh baked.


Monday 13th of July 2015

Our 9 year old loves the dessert that you dip in chocolate - drawing a total blank on what it's called right now though.

The Trophy WifeStyle

Monday 13th of July 2015

Omg we just love Olive Garden! For the longest time I was one of the only restaurants my daughter would eat at lol

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