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Concouring Hunger With After School Snacks – Our MIDDLES™ Story

Concouring Hunger With After School Snacks, today I am sharing Our MIDDLES™ Story. Cole’s new MIDDLES are frozen mini bagels that are stuff with different flavors, pop them in the microwave or oven for a tasty afterschool snack.

Concurring Hunger With After School Snacks

On a breezy Wednesday, my house was all but silent aside from the tapping noises from hitting the keys on my laptop. It was a day like any other until the frightful sound of a herd of animals began to rumble through my home. It sounded as though a swarm of buffalo had just trampled through my front door.

Of course, it was my big kids coming home from a long day at school. It wasn't an ordinary Wednesday though, it looked as though this bumbling heard of buffalo were somehow zombified.

Their eyes were bugging out of their heads and they seemed to rummage through my cabinets as if they were scavaging for acorns in the woods. To my utter horror as a mother, I watched as these zombies tore apart my kitchen frantically looking for something to shake their hunger.


It was then I realized that I knew exactly what to do and exactly how to fix this zombie problem. I ran to my freezer and grabbed a box of Coles MIDDLES™. Within a minute of sticking them in the microwave, I had something warm and deliciously ready for the horrid zombies that took over my kitchen.

One by one I made a plate of Cole's MIDDES™ for each of my big kids, even a plate for little Esuun. As I watched the horrid zombies turn back into my beautiful little children I gave myself a pat on the back for thinking so quickly on my feet.

Our Coles MIDDLES™ Story

My kids love Coles MIDDLES™ and can't get enough of them. What is Coles MIDDLES you ask? MIDDLES™ is a delicious bread stuffed with a delicious, creamy cheese bringing together all of your favorite things in the simplest way ever.

I sneak a few onto my snack plate when the kids aren't looking. I also like to grab a few when the kids are in school but don't tell them that though it's our little secret. These are amazing with your morning coffee or latte after the kids get on the bus.

Coles MIDDLES™ Flavors

There are many different flavors to choose from and my kids love all of them. The 6 flavors you can choose from are: Pretzel Beer Cheese, Bread 5 Cheese, Bread Mac & Cheese, Pain Bagel Cream Cheese, Everything Bagel Cream Cheese, French Toast Cream Cheese.

It's a great afternoon snack that you can just run and pull from the Freezer and Simply pop in the oven or microwave and enjoy. I love how quickly they warm up and also the different flavors they offer. My current favorite flavor is the French Toast Bagel with Sweet Cream Cheese.

Coles MIDDLES™ Coupon

Would you like to try some Cole's MIDDES™? Check them out here. Cole's MIDDES™ are available at a Walmart near you. Don't forget to print out that $1 Off Coupon they offer on the website as well.

Coles MIDDLES™ Available in Differnt Flavors

Make sure you check out all of the different flavors they offer which you can view on their website as well. They have something that the whole family can love, even my picky eaters loved these. Leave a comment below and let us know which flavor you plan on trying, or if you have tried them what your favorite flavor is.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.