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Spa Day at The Hotel Hershey

Enjoy a relaxing Spa Day at The Hotel Hershey, located in the heart of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Treat yourself to a day at the spa where you can choose from an array of services. Plan a full day at the Hotel Hershey Spa where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch in the oasis, and extra time to relax in one of their many specialty rooms.

Hershey Hotel Spa

The Hotel Hershey Spa is a luxurious spa featuring quiet rooms and high-class services with all-you-can-drink Hershey’s hot chocolate and candies.

Visiting The Hotel Hershey

During my recent trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania I visited the beautiful Hershey Hotel that Milton M. Hershey designed and built himself. Milton S. Hershey’s mom did not approve of the hotel at first.

Hershey was quoted as to say “Other men have their yachts to play with. The hotel is my yacht.” The vision Hershey held in his mind and heart for this hotel can be felt throughout the hotel as you walk through the many halls. This hotel hosts not just luxurious rooms but also a high-class spa that any mom like myself can enjoy during their visit.

Hershey Hotel

The Hotel Hershey Lobby

As you walk through the main lobby to check into the hotel you are greeted with a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers that you have to stop and smell. Around the corner, you can find some sweet shops to buy some sweet treats as well as some beautiful clothing and accessories.

Fun fact about this lobby is that it was originally the garage of the hotel which was used by the guests “help”, which later was converted into a secondary lobby that was more accessible for those unable to make it up the hill. It eventually became the main lobby of the hotel which guests now can check into and out of the hotel.

Hershey Hotel

The Found at The Hotel Hershey

Just to the left or right of the front desk, you will find a staircase with the original tiles from when the hotel was built in 1933. From there you will find yourself in the grand hall which houses the original fountain and layout the Hershey himself envisioned.

A short walk down from this grand hall you will find the dining room which remarkably is shaped into an oval shape. The reason Milton S. Hershey contracted the workers to build this room in an oval shape was to help those who dined alone feel as though they were still part of the entire dining experience.

Hershey Hotel

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An interesting fact about Milton S. Hershey is that oddly even though he was a multimillionaire in his time when he dined out in restaurants he was always stuck in a corner which made him feel isolated.

Hershey Hotel

The Circular

Hershey’s hope when building this was to make sure that no one ever felt left out and that they were able to get the full dining experience he always wanted. Another fun fact about this dining room is that out of all the things Hershey had input on for this hotel.

This was the one thing he actually put his foot down for and made sure that past all of the architectural aspects of making this come true, he would accept nothing less than an oval shape with a dance floor included.

Breakfast at the Circular

Years later during a renovation, they replaced the dance floor which was located in the middle of the oval shape with a bar that guests can sit at and order from. The breakfast buffet was every bit good as the hosts for our trip raved about.

The food was fresh and everything was beautifully laid out for us to pick from. The one thing the hosts said we must try was the delicious bread pudding. After one bite I was sold and couldn’t help but get seconds, they even had these cute little Hershey kiss waffles with sweet butter, YUM!

The Hotel Hershey Spa

At first sight of the Spa sign, you already know your in for an amazing time. The fountain boasts a beautiful visual and soothing sound of water running down onto a stone. The entrance is already a soothing experience that you will find out is throughout the entire hotel.

The spa is only available by appointment only, after a quick check-in and paperwork that will help enhance your experience, you are ushered into a changing room.

Changing Rooms

The lockers in the changing room hold a robe which you can change into, they are super soft and comfortable by the way. The bathroom hosts some amenities that any girl can love, as well as a shower, bathroom, and a steam room.

There are plenty of towels available as well as a small sitting room for you to enjoy as you wait for the rest of your party to finish getting dressed.

Once you leave the changing room you encounter a beautiful fountain at the bottom of a staircase. The room directly next to the fountain is a spiced room which you can enter and just sit and enjoy the beautiful smell of cinnamon and nutmeg (with other spices I can’t seem to put my finger on).

At the top of the stairs, there is a quiet room and a lounge room with the delicious Hershey’s Hot Chocolate and muffins. The lounge room is a duplicate of Milton M. Hershey’s actual lounge room he had in his own home.

Hershey Hotel Spa

Lounge Area

The bottom level of the spa is home to a huge open space lounge area that groups and singles can lounge in as they wait for their next service to begin.

There are more Hershey’s Hot Chocolate and muffins available in this area as well as hot water for those who would like to enjoy some tea. The seating is amazingly comfy and you can’t help but momentarily doze off as you wait to be called.

Hershey Hotel Spa


I opted to receive the Sweet Feet package which by the way was something I had been anticipating experiencing since I learned about the spa. I am very particular with my feet where they need extra love and attention since I neglect them on a daily basis.

Once seated I turned on my massage chair and kicked back as the lovely attendant started my pedicure. The tray had some familiar and not so familiar aspects that I was very curious about, oh buddy they were worth the wait I tell you.

Seasonal Packages

My feet and legs were exfoliated and scrubbed, as well as my toes stripped and cut. After a lovely massage on my feet and legs, my feet received a chocolate-covered coating. Hot oil treatment for my feet followed and blew me away, I have never had a treatment like this done before.

My feet and legs felt so amazing after the treatment was over and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. My nail polish choice was a lava purple which lasts for up to 30 days, yes I’m in love.

Hershey Hotel Spa

The Hotel Hershey Salon

Pedicures are not the only thing The Hotel Hershey Spa offers. They offer many other services that I can’t wait to try in the future. At the moment in celebration of Christmas, they are offering seasonal packages perfect for everyone.

The spa is actually set for renovation and expansion within the next couple of years which means it will be offering more intriguing services and room for more to enjoy.

They offer services such as: 

  • Chocolate Spa Prescription Facial
  • High Point Garden Hand & Foot Rituals
  • Rose Garden Hydrating Body Wrap
  • Lunch in The Oasis
  • Full Body Exfoliation
  • Chocolate Fondue Wrap
  • 50-minute Cocoa Massage
  • Whipped Cocoa Bath
  • Chocolate Bean Polish or Chocolate Sugar Scrub
Hershey Hotel Spa

They also offer a men’s package. A signature classic Spa package featuring:

  • 50-minute Traditional Massage
  • Gentlemen’s Facial
  • Gentlemen’s Pedicure
  • Lunch in The Oasis

To book your appointment head over to their website.

The Lunch in the Oasis was a lunch to remember as well, the lunch was buffet style and feature delicious lunch pairings. The dessert bar featured Hershey’s famous pies as well as Milton S. Hershey Favorite Chocolate Creme Pie which he ate one slice of every day of his life.

After a blissful relaxing time, we were set to leave and made our way back to our street clothes. I can’t wait to come back and experience this with my friends and family.

Have you ever visited the Hotel Hershey Spa before? What service would you like to book for your visit to this beautiful spa? 

Disclosure: This post is hosted by Hershey Park, I was given an all-expense trip to experience the wonders of Hershey, PA. All my opinions and views are my own.

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Terri Ramsey Beavers

Wednesday 1st of February 2017

What a gorgeous place and a spa treatment would be amazing. That food looks mighty good too.

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