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Spring At Kings Dominion – 3 New Rides In Planet Snoopy

It’s Springtime in Kings Dominion which means beautiful weather and new rides in Planet Snoopy. If you haven’t heard yet Planet Snoopy introduced three new rides this year (2017) and they are all the buzz in the park.

Spring At Kings Dominion

My family and I visited Kings Dominion opening day and were able to see the rides up close. Kings Dominion is open from April 7th-16th daily for your spring break fun! We were the very first to ride these rides and let me tell you how cute and family friendly they are.

Planet Snoopy Debuts 3 New Rides

Planet Snoopy Debuted their three new rides The Kite Eating Tree, Sally’s Sea Plane, and Peanuts 500 Raceway. My kids were invited to test out all of these fun rides during the event party. We had a blast! It was so much fun!

Kite Eating Tree

Charlie Brown’s kite is stuck in a tree again, can you help get it down? Children will be propelled to the tower and bounce down to the platform as they experience sensations of weightlessness.

My girls loved this ride, it was super little kid friendly and a very mild version of the drop zone. It was gentle and super cute to see all of the kids scream and giggle as if we were tossing them in the air and catching them. My 4 year old really liked this one and said she wasn’t scared at all.

Sally’s Sea Plane

Join Sally as she soars through the air high above the sea! Kids and their parents are in store for an adventure with a trip on Sally’s airplane. Take a trip round and round on this giant plane as it rotates and rises into the air.

Riding Sally’s Sea Plane

Sally’s Sea Plane was great for the whole family, it had ample seating and allowed my big family of 5 to ride together. It can fit multiple families and was great for all ages, you really do feel like you on a seaplane sitting on the water. Keke and Malik said sitting at the front of the plane made it feel like they were the ones flying it. I may have some future pilots here!

Peanuts 500

Pick your car and rev up the engine with the Peanuts crew on this fun car ride that is the perfect size for your little racer. Start your engines and hit the track in race cars designed for parents and children to ride together as they move in a circle and whipped around the corner on a closed track.

At first, I was a little worried the little car wouldn’t hold my weight, but to my surprise it did and oh my goodness was this ride fun. I may or may not have asked Esuun to go on this once or twice again for my enjoyment. It starts off simple enough going down the middle part of the raceway, then you are wiped around the corner making it feel as though you are on a roller coaster ride.

TIP: Parents sit on the outer side of the car and let the little ones sit on the raceway side. Helps prevent you from squishing them when you get whipped around.

Planet Snoopy at Kings Dominon

After we had a blast in Planet Snoopy we headed off to adventure around the rest of the park. We stopped and got our traditional BoardWalk fries and headed off to check out some of the game stands. The kids were ready to win some prizes and I was ready to take a rest and eat those delicious Boardwalk Fries.

By the way, since we started visiting Kings Dominion the number of Large Fries we order has gone up each time. We are currently at 2 large fries but I can tell the next time we visit it will have to be 3!

Planet Snoopy Snacks

The games were a ton of fun, but the Cotton Candy was better! Planet Snoopy now has a snack stand providing drinks for the little ones such as apple juice, orange juice, water, and sodas. They also have a Cotton Candy room where you can watch them make cotton candy right in front of you. My kids loved both pink and blue flavors and said they both tasted like bubble gum.

Americana Faris wheel

Make sure you visit the Americana Faris wheel either during the day or at night, which stands at 110 feet. During the day you can get a fun almost birds-eye view of the park possibly picking out your next ride. At night the Americana lights up and from above you can see all of the lights and other rides lighting up as you right around and around. It’s a ton of fun to see either way.

The Effiel Tower

Who could forget the Effiel Tower which stands at 315 feet, it’s a one-third replica of the original Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Our elevator guy did a fun rap on the history of this tower as well as some facts about the original Effiel Tower.

The view was beautiful and gave us a birds-eye view of the park which always baffles me as to how small it seems from this view, yet in actuality, it’s a huge park. My screaming feet at the end of the night are always a testament to how big this park is and how much you can actually do here.

FunPix at Kings Dominon

Kings Dominion announced a new feature the park is now offering called FunPix. Instead of having the option to print out your theme park photos at designated booths, you can now do everything online saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

The plan is offered for all-season or for just one day, snag your pass and then find your photos online ready to download whenever you’re ready. This is a great feature to use when sharing photos online or even printing them to share with family and friends.

When is the last time you visited Kings Dominion? Will you be visiting Kings Dominion for Spring Break this year?

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Wildish Jess

Tuesday 18th of April 2017

The rides look great. Those fries though are what I'd be looking forward too!


Friday 14th of April 2017

Family time is quality time... looks like you guys had a lot of fun... My girlfriend is 26 but would enjoy it too , shes a big snoopy fan...

Elizabeth O.

Friday 14th of April 2017

It's tough not to have a great time here especially with so much rides to choose from. This is definitely worth checking out especially if you want to treat the kids to a fun day.

Emma White (@TheRealSupermum)

Thursday 13th of April 2017

oh the kids would love to visit here for sure it looks and sounds as if you had an amazing day

Leigh Anne

Wednesday 12th of April 2017

I have never been here before. It looks like an amazing place where lots of great memories can be made.

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