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Stay Fresh As A Daisy This Summer With These 10 Tips

Stay Fresh As A Daisy This Summer With These 10 Tips. Beat the heat and be prepared for anything with these 10 tips to help you feel fresh as a daisy during the hot summer months.

Stay Fresh As A Daisy This Summer With These 10 Tips

Summer is finally here! That means nights are longer and that tan you have been looking forward to is only 2 beach days away. Another fun part of summer that is finally here, I guess it’s fun depending on how you look at it. That heat yall! It can be your best friend or your enemy.

I was born and raised in Virginia where you will find all different variations of summer! To be honest, summertime here can be as humid as Miami or as beautiful as Bali. Checking the weather is helpful but sometimes it can get quite scorching when that summer heat hits you. With that said, I have had to come up with my own ways to keep myself Fresh As A Daisy.

10 Summer Beauty Tips

Today I will be sharing with you 10 Tips to help you stay fresh as a Daisy this summer no matter where you live. Since it’s just us girls, I will be also sharing tips that you can use during your period and after. Because let’s be honest ladies, most days when Aunt Flow is visiting the last thing we want to do is adventure outside in that heat. 

Tip #1 – Switch To Cotton

I am probably the last person to recommend this tip because it took me many years to finally accept that sexy underwear is not for every occasion. Instead of sporting that cute thong you found at your favorite intimates store, switch to cotton!

This helps with keeping your goodies aired out and deters the collection of sweat and funk. Save those sexy panties for special nights *wink*. Yep, I went there.

Tip #2 – Bring A Backup Pair

I know this isn’t what some of you want to hear but hey it works! Bring a backup pair of panties, especially if you know you will be out and about for more than 6 hours. Trust me when I say you will thank me later for this suggestion! I just throw an extra pair of cotton panties in a disposable bag. When the time calls for it, I make the switch and bag up the other one for the next wash.

Tip #3 – Drink Plenty Of Water

I know you’re thinking, “DUH drinking water is important any time of the year!” Well in the summertime it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. If you are spending much of your day outside, you should plan to drink at least twice your normal H2O consumption!

Tip #4 – Wash Your Face Daily

Speaking of acne, make sure you wash your face daily! I was my face anywhere from 2 to 3 times a day in the summer. I don’t utilize face washes with each wash, sometimes I am just using regular water to help rid my face of the sunscreen I applied earlier. This helps keep my pores gunk free and wards off unwanted acne. I ALWAYS apply moisturizer after every wash.

Tip #5 – Moisturize Daily

Which now brings me to tip number five, where moisturizing daily is very important! Do not let your face dry out or become overly oily because you didn’t seal it with the magic potion. I call my moisturizer a magic potion because I love all the magic it performs on my face. I have combination skin so using a moisturizer before I apply my sunscreen helps keep my pores happy and my summer selfies and travel photos poppin’!

Tip #6 – Always Wear Deodorant  

I think I will always preach this for people like myself who are always conscious of their outfits. If you’re like me, and always conscious of you’re outfit, go for the liquid deodorant! It keeps your cute summer outfits looking amazing, and also spreads easily to help maximize that quick roll on you know you do every morning. I always bring a backup in my car for emergencies. 

Extra Tip – Apply deodorant under your boobs, this helps with chafing and odor.

Tip #7 – Apply Deodorant To Thick Thighs

Amy Schumer posted a video a few years back about the crazy thing she does with her deodorant. It blew my mind when I saw her put it between her thighs. I had never heard of this trick and pretty much thought she was telling another joke.

Well, the joke was on me because after applying it to my thighs, those suckers glided like a figure skater. For the first time in my life, my thighs didn’t fight each other with every step I took! 

This tip doubles as an odor eliminator and semi guard for sweat issues. For those of you with thick thighs just as myself, we all know what it feels like when those girls start to slide when sweat hits them.

At first, you’re happy for once they aren’t fighting, but then that burn from the friction sets in and you’re regretting every extra glide you took down that produce aisle. 

Special Note – I use the solid deodorant for in between my thighs and under my boobs. Works wonders!

Tip #8 – Create Your Own Aunt Flow Travel Pack

I remember when I was in high school, I didn’t understand my body as much as I do now. I felt like Aunt Flow would make her grand entrance at the worst possible moments, and of course, I wasn’t prepared. That all changed when I finally got smart and made my own Aunt Flow Travel Pack.

Grab any small bag or purse and load it with enough Aunt Flow essentials to get you through 2 days. I say add this much because we all know sometimes we forget to reload our travel packs when they run low. Once you get into the habit of refilling your Aunt Flow Travel Pack you are golden. 

Tip #9 – Utilize Disposable Feminine Cloths

There are a number of amazing products out there that can help keep your goodies fresh as a Daisy. Summer’s Eve® has released its newest Feminine Cleansing Cloths called FreshCycle, which you can find at your local Target. They come in an easy to open 24 pack or individually wrapped 14 packs. PLUS They have an awesome 10% off Summer’s Eve® Products Cartwheel coupon offer you have to take advantage of HERE!

I prefer the individually packed Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Feminine Cleansing Cloths for when I travel. They are perfect for grab and go situations, especially ones where you have limited space. I keep the 24 pack at home to use in my at home Aunt Flow kit.

Reasons I love Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™:

  • Proven to reduce period odor
  • Removes odor-causing bacteria
  • pH-Balanced <– Oh Yeah!
  • Free from dyes and parabens
  • Gently cleanses & Freshens <– My favorite Part

I love using these new wipes during and after my period. I feel so refreshed after every use. I literally wonder where this product has been my whole life. Summer’s Eve® is a brand I have used for many years and trust with my goodies. I highly recommend this product for you to use this summer or any season for that matter.

Tip #10 – Shower Daily

This is probably an odd thing for some of you to read, but when you have 2 teen boys, you have to stress the idea of daily showers. For males, it is just as important to shower daily as it is for females. Also, make sure you are washing your hair often! I put my hair through a cycle I have found that works best for me.

I wash my hair every other day during the summer, and during the winter I wash it every 2 days. 

I decrease the number of days between my wash days in the summer because I sweat more and excrete more oils than I do in the winter. I also blow dry my hair after every shower (thanks for the tip Jackie!) to decrease oil build up as well.

My cousin gave me this tip and OMG my hair is so much happier. Control the heat on your hair dryer and make sure you aren’t applying to much heat since that can cause damage to your beautiful hair follicles. 

Optional Bonus Tip: Get A Brazilian Wax! 

I feel like saying term Brazilian Wax is almost like a taboo with some women. Ladies lets not knock something before we try it! I had my first Brazilian Wax when I was 28 and I can’t tell you how much my life has improved since then.

It helps in so many ways that I can’t even list right now, but one main thing was odor! Try it out this year and see just why I’m a happy camper no matter what the season is.

I hope my tips were helpful and that you are able to take advantage of these awesome tips this summer! If you have another tip I didn’t mention please leave it below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.