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How To Throw An Easy DIY Halloween Party – Tips and Tricks

Boo! It’s time for a scary good time with these easy tips and tricks on How To Throw An Easy DIY Halloween Party. Filled with helpful information that can help you have a scary good time.


How To Throw An Easy DIY Halloween Party

Since this year Halloween will have to be done a little differently, my family and I are dusting off some old decorations and getting crafty. Thankfully even though we can’t enjoy this spooky holiday the traditional way, it doesn’t mean we can’t have some spooky fun.

Halloween is in full swing here, with so many costumes, decorations, and even tableware. I love how each year they offer more and more options for us moms with multiples. The first thing I did for this party was I got the plates and decorations, it was a no-brainer when it came to picking the fake spider webs, love them!


Easy DIY Halloween Party

My oldest did a loud shriek when he saw his Five Nights of Freddy Mask hanging in the Halloween aisle.  He grabbed his favorite character and threw it on, his sister loved trying to touch the mask. Although we knew it was him under the mask she couldn’t get over how realistic the mask looked.

The thing I love about going to our local Walmart is that it’s basically a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need. There are so many options for anything you are looking for, for our party I walked around the food aisles and looked for the Halloween themed displays for inspiration and products we could possibly need.


Halloween Party Tips and Tricks

1. Stay on Budget

The one thing that most of us have an issue with when it comes to party planning is sticking to that darn budget. If possible always stick to your initial budget and make sure you are buying things ahead of time to help prevent stress from arising.


2. Save Time Buying Premade

I normally make things from scratch just cuz it seems as though it would be the cheaper option. I have found buying most of the sweet treats premade makes everything super easier and super faster. I made some eyeball cupcakes using a regular cake mix and some gummy eyeballs I found in the Halloween baking display.


3. Save Time Baking The Day Before

Whenever possible I like to bake or remake dips and small finger foods the day before. See below for some creative Halloween Themed treats you can bake up in no time!

Painted Captain Underpants Pumpkin Finished. Skip the mess and create your very own Painted Captain Underpants Pumpkin this Halloween. In celebration of Dreamworks's The Spooky Tales of Captain Underpants: Hack-A-Ween Halloween special streaming now on Netflix we created this fun painted halloween pumpkin.

4. Decorations

Don’t get elaborate decorations unless you are able to enlist the help of little people (your kiddos). I like to buy the small premade decorations in the Halloween aisles. They have little table toppers, spider webs, as well and themes bowls and plates.

I also have found a new love of Painted Pumpkins! Skip the pumpkin carving mess this year by opting to grab some paintbrushes and paint. Checkout my Painted Captain Underpants Pumpkin over here, grab the full instructions on how you can bring this crime-fighter to life.


Credit: My Blessed Southern Life

5. Printables

Print out some fun Halloween themed word searches and games. The kids can have fun completing the activity sheets while there is a Halloween movie on and some fun creepy crawling music playing in the background. You can head over to this link here and print your very own Word Search!


Snack Idea’s

Here are some fun Snack Ideas that I was able to come up with for our mini Halloween Party. They are so easy to make it’s scary how much time you will save.

Gravestone Pudding Cups

These pudding cups are so easy to make it’s scary! Take your little ones favorite pudding flavored cup add crush Oreos and a long cookie. Add some spunk to the gravestone with the letters RIP using icing, or personalize it with some fun words like “boo” or “Happy Halloween”.


Mummy Dogs

Take Pillsbury Cresent Rolls, I personally love the buttery flaky kind. Cut into squares. With your favorite hot dog brand place the hotdog on the square. Slice the remainder of the crescent dough square into thin pieces.

Lay each of the thin slices in random order above the hotdog. Leave room for you to be able to see the hotdog. Once finished cook at the suggested oven temperature and time. Add a few extra minutes for a darker color for the mummy.


Eye Ball Cupcakes

I used a simple orange colored cake mix and a fluffy white frosting. The eyeballs are premade gummies which you can find in the Halloween themed baking displays. Use the red icing to create the bloody eye effect and then place the gummies on top. Bam! A bloody Eye Ball Cupcake.


Drinks were themed mini water bottles which the kids love, I found a cool-looking box of flatware in the Halloween Aisle. I also found that keeping a big bucket full of candy was a great bonus to the party table.

Not only did it look super cute but it was also a fun bucket the kids had a great time picking candy out of. The whole bucket was almost empty by the time the party was over.

How do you celebrate Halloween in your household? What’s your favorite recipe or tip that was shared above?

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