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Top 10 Things To Do At The Hershey Lodge

The summertime in Hershey Pennsylvania is a beautiful sweet place to be with the family. Last month the kids and I visited one of the sweetest places on earth at one of their beautiful hotels.

Top 10 Things To Do At The Hershey Lodge

The Hershey Lodge is definitely one of my favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed in just because of the many things you can do on the property.

I know some people may think that Hersheypark is one of the best things to do while you visit Hershey PA, but there are so many fun things you can do at the actual Hershey Lodge that you don’t even have to leave the property to enjoy.

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The Hershey Lodge Check-in Experience

Every great trip starts with a check-in at the hotel’s front desk. At The Hershey Lodge the kids have their own special check-in booth where they are able to sign a ledger and receive special name tags.

That’s not all you can do at this desk, you can also guess how many candies are in the jar, and if you guess it correctly you get the entire jar! Talk about a sweet tooth attack!

The Hershey Lodge Double Bedrooms

The double bedrooms are very spacious when it comes to accommodating a family of 5. These rooms boast large double beds and lots of walking space, which made for a comfortable stay.

We didn’t stay in the room much but when we were in it eating delicious cookies and watching TV at night, we were all very comfortable with the space given.

Even though the kids were wired off of the endless Hershey Chocolate and delicious cookies we all slept soundly in our beds. Did I mention the beds and pillows are out of this world comfortable?

I love having a fluffy yet firm bed with nice and fluffy pillows as I sleep, these beds were as always perfect for this mom and her kids.

Chocolate Scented Bathroom Amenities

When it comes to Hershey PA you assume everything including the grass and water is made of milk chocolate. While that is not true The Hershey Lodge actually does boast some chocolate scented amenities that any chocolate lover would love.

The shampoo in the bathroom is chocolate scented, along with the lotions and hand soaps, OH YES!

The wallpaper even has Hershey Kisses! By the way, where can I buy this wallpaper to have in my bathroom at home? The space in the bathroom is very nice, along with the shower which this mom loved at the end of each day.

1. Water Works

Hello, water! If you are looking to have some seriously splashy fun, then the on-site Water Works is the place to go. It is free and available for all guests who stay at The Hershey Lodge. This water playground boasts a full-sized water slide which my kids used to race each other to the bottom.

Ready for a challenge? The chocolate obstacle course has three different rope courses for the kids to use and challenge themselves. My girls came ready and prepared to conquer that ropes course. Woot woot! 

Water Works also offers a small area for the tiny ones with slides, along with another area for the little ones with fun waterfalls. With a small area for the tiny ones with slides, along with another area for the little ones with fun waterfalls.

Waterworks at The Hershey Lodge Features

The bigger pool has the obstacle course along with some fun space to play water basketball and maybe just a free swim room for the bigger kids and adults.

I had a great time in the bigger area where I could swim with the kids and show off my “grown-up” skills in water basketball. I’m pretty fly for an “old woman” as the kids will say.

2. Milk and Cookies Room Service

If you haven’t had milk and cookies delivered to your room around 8-9 pm after a long day at the park, then you are seriously missing out. During my first visit with Hersheypark, I was able to experience some amazing things.

The homemade Hershey Milk and Cookies are honestly what I look forward to the most when visiting this lodge. These delicious fresh baked cookies will rock your family’s world I promise.

I’ve tried to mimic the recipe using their online recipe but it’s nothing like the ones at this lodge, I think there is some serious love mixed in each batch. I am highly lactose intolerant which means I’m unable to have the normal milk everyone else in this beautiful world gets to enjoy.

When I asked for soy milk the kitchen staff was very accommodating, they were able to give me a tall glass of soy milk to enjoy with the kids. I highly recommend you make a point to order these when you visit and also remember to grab a few extra cookies to bring home.

3. Lounge in the Lobby

Curl up next to the fireplace during the winter and lounge in the summertime where some fun characters come out to play with the whole family. If you were looking to catch a quick selfie with Reese’s, Hershey Kiss and the Hershey bar themselves then keep your eyes peeled in the lobby.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the check-in staff whenever the characters normally come out. This can help you plan out your day so when the time comes your family is downstairs and ready to give some sweet love to these lovable characters.

4. Daily Activites For The Whole Family

Hello, Daily activities for the family! If you were looking for something to do on the property then make sure to snag an activities announcement at the Kids Checkin desk.

There is a full breakdown where you can see the times and themes they are hosting. There is some fun stuff to enjoy on the property with some fun dress-up themes as well.

5. Eat at The Fire and Grain Resturant or the Hershey Grill

The newest addition to The Hershey Lodge is The Fire and Grain Restaurant where there are different things the whole family can choose from. More so on the high-end line when it comes to the dishes where you can snag a salmon dinner as well as the kids snag a delicious chicken finger dinner.

The Hershey Grill serves up some delicious breakfast choices which boast some seasonal treats that you must try during the Christmas time and summertime.

The Hershey Grill has a big menu that this mom loves along with delicious food that makes this mom’s tummy very happy. Open early enough for breakfast as well as late enough for a quick bite to eat after a long day at the park.

6. Free Mini Golf and Basketball

My kids can become pretty competitive when it comes to mini-golf, don’t get me wrong but with a good game of mini golf is being played there is nothing but smiles on their faces.

I love when I see them make those hole in ones and the little dances they do are priceless. The free mini-golf course was definitely one of the highlights from our last visit, where Anthony and Keke got the most hole in ones in one game!

While the 3 kids and I played mini-golf, Malik went off to play at the basketball court located directly next to the mini-golf course. There is really something for everyone here, with a small outdoor pool, basketball, tennis court, and mini-golf course located at the back of The Hershey Lodge. 

7. Arcade Room in Hershey Water Works

Come prepared to have fun at this arcade, load up some play cards and have a blast at this small yet big arcade. Locate in the Waterworks building you will find a fun arcade fit for the whole family.

It’s a great place to visit along with the game room where they host fun scavenger hunts where you can win a full-size candy bar! The kids loved hunting down what was on their scavenger hunt list and even had some clever idea’s on how to make it easier.

8. Lounge in your Room

Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV as well as super comfortable beds. Lounge in your room for a breather from the amazingly fun time you are having at The Hershey Lodge.

I like to hop on my laptop for a few minutes using the Wifi and get caught up on some emails as well as a little bit of work. Even though I totally don’t condone working while on vacation sometimes that wifi is all you need for 30 minutes to an hour to stay caught up.

The kids somehow managed to play hide and seek in the room so it wasn’t all bad for that one hour we spent in the room before lunchtime.

9. Use the 24 Hour Gym in Water Works

Hello, everyone! I’m a gym rat and my name is Jay, I like to scope out gyms during my hotel visits and check out what type of equipment and amenities they have.

I have been to some hotel gyms where you couldn’t even fit 2 people in it, whereas you have ones like The Hershey Lodge where you have a huge gym floor perfect for someone like me who likes to move around the room and get things done.

There are plenty of machines available for many people to use, which is my favorite because sometimes you get stuck waiting for a certain machine and it kills your gym vibe. Lots of towels and water are provided for those who are ready to sweat that pound of chocolate you ate at Hersheypark the day before.

It’s okay though because of course your in Hershey PA you can’t NOT eat yummy Hershey Chocolate while you are here. There are plenty of machines available for many people to use, which is my favorite because sometimes you get stuck waiting for a certain machine and it kills your gym vibe.

10. Complimentary Shuttle To Hersheypark

Take me away! To a Sweet Place! Yes, I sang that in my head and sort of on here. Even though there are so many amazing things to do on property one of the fun things the kids really enjoyed was shuttling to Hersheypark in the morning.

Grabbing a shuttle from the Hershey Lodge gives you the perk of hassle-free parking at Hersheypark. Meaning you can spend more time having fun and save more money which you can spend on delicious treats in the park.

Not to mention you’re on a Hershey bus which the kids had a fun time bouncing on the seats as we made our way to the park. Grab one on the way to the park and on your way back, the shuttles run around the clock and are there to make sure you have a sweet time.

Top 10 Things To Do At The Hershey Lodge

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Things To Do At The Hershey Lodge list and learned a few things about the Lodge today. There is honestly so much to do onsite I find it a joy to just be on the property for a full day or two when we visit.

So make sure when you visit Hershey PA you check out this lodge in the summertime as well as the Christmas time. When was the last time you visited Hershey PA? When was the last time you visited The Hershey Lodge or Hersheypark? Do you plan on visiting this Summer or upcoming Christmas?

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