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Travel Log: Kings Dominion Charlie Brown’s 50th Anniversary Great Pumpkin Fest

It’s finally fall, which means pumpkin picking, apple picking, and oh yeah Halloween! This year my family has added a new tradition to our fall celebration. Last weekend we visited our local Kings Dominion theme park for Charlie Brown’s 50th Anniversary Great Pumpkin Fest.


Kings Dominion Charlie Brown’s 50th Anniversary Great Pumpkin Fest

If you have never heard of this fest before then get ready to go on a fun ride with our family as we visited the park during this time of the year for the first time.

I hope you enjoyed watching our recent visit to Kings Dominion and hope that you plan your visit soon! The park offers the Great Pumpkin Fest every Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 5 pm. Make sure you are ready to have a blast and take a ton of pictures for your little ones to look back on.


Pumpkin Fest at Kings Dominion

There is live entertainment in Snoopy Land, as well as throughout the park when it gets dark. I highly recommend you stay after dark and explore the park after hours, my kids loved it and we found ourselves looking for the ghouls and ghosts that lurked around every corner.


Fun things to do

First stop at a station that looks like this to pick up your cute themed orange bags, you can use these bags to hold all of the little toys you will find around Snoopy Land. You can also measure your little ones at this booth and snag their color bracelets here.

It makes taking them on rides easier when they receive their color wristbands, it lets you know what rides they are big enough to ride. Check out below all of the things my kiddos were able to explore during our recent trip.


Sally’s Pumpkin Paining Patch

Walk around the Snoopy fountain and find your perfect pumpkin, Esuun took a little while but she found her perfect pumpkin to paint. The kids sit at a table and color their pumpkins while you sit back and relax.


Franklin’s Scarecrow Hollow Not so scary corn maze

If you are looking for a fun corn maze that you are guaranteed to not get lost in, you need to head over to Franklin’s Scarecrow Hollow. I had fun chasing my kids through it and was able to capture it all on camera.

If you view the video above you can see how much fun it is to find your way to the end of the maze. When you finish the maze you get a prize! Add it to your goodie bag and keep your eyes peeled for more fun attractions featuring prizes!


Woodstock’s Barnyard Pals Petting Zoo

A petting zoo fit for any animal lover, walk around and pet the animals. Purchase some food for them and feed them straight from your hands. The pony was so cute and my baby girl was brave and fed the baby cow.

A big step for us since she is scared of the animals yet loves to look at them and wants to pet them so badly. We found some baby chicks and were so happy to hold them and pet them while we were there. They are so cute!


PigPen’s People Washer

If you would like a fun rinse in the PigPen’s People Washer, head over to this fun interactive attraction. Get covered in bubbles and share the love with your loved ones. There is nothing like a good People Washer in a fun park.


Fun Music and Rides

There are so many fun rides that are still open during Charlie Brown’s Pumpkin Fest. My girl’s favorite is the bumper cars which actually this visit, was the first time my baby girl was able to concur with her fears and ride in one.

If you saw the video above you can see how excited she is to finally get in one and chase her sister around in her own little car. So cute! Although the boys are older than my girls they still enjoy taking them on the different rides throughout Snoopy Land.


The Great Pumpkin roller coaster

The boys have road the Great Pumpkin roller coaster a million times since we started visiting Kings Dominion together last year. I can’t get enough of it though so I don’t mind riding it with them 100 times each visit.

If you walk around Snoopy Land you will see some very familiar characters, KeKe is always up for a good photo so she posed with all of her favorite characters throughout the park.


Pumpkin Fest After Dark

If your brave enough stick around after it gets dark to visit the various haunted houses that you can find throughout the park. When it got dark I took the kids walking around the various walkways that were set up with fog smoke and people who will jump out at you.

My boys loved it! My daughters enjoyed laughing at other people scream in terror at the select few zombies and straight-up creepy guys and gals who would jump out of corners and coffins.


So the next time you plan a local visit to a local park, head over to Kings Dominion for their Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Fest. This year is their 50th anniversary, Happy anniversary Charlie Brown!

If you would like more information about Kings Dominion’s Charlie Brown 50th Anniversary Great Pumpkin Fest you can head over HERE. If you would like to purchase your tickets you can head over HERE to buy them.

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Tuesday 8th of November 2016

Such a fun way to spend the day with those awesome peeps. It surely was a great day.

Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

More reasons to head to Snoopy land! You've really got some nice shots here, you could literally make one stand up and drive down to this place with their family!

Joyce from Live Laugh Love Post

Monday 31st of October 2016

Amazing photos! I love to see these pictures you took. I really enjoyed reading your trip to the Charlie Brown's 50th Anniversary Pumpkin Patch.


Sunday 30th of October 2016

We love Kings Dominion. This event looks like so much fun! I want to take my kids here for the pumpkin fest. What a fun time not too far away.

Miranda (Anosa)

Wednesday 26th of October 2016

Oh wow, how lovely they have so many fun things to do. What lovely festival

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.