Tuscan-Style Grilled Chicken Sandwich


A Tuscan-inspired Chicken Artichoke Ciabatta Sandwich, loaded with roasted red peppers, artichokes, grilled chicken, fresh spinach, deli-sliced provolone cheese, and Pesto sauce.  It's the perfect sandwich to bring to your next tailgate. Feed a crowd with this football game day treat!

– Provolone Cheese – Sliced Grilled Chicken – Olive Ciabatta Bread – Pesto Sauce – Roasted Red Peppers Sliced – Artichokes


Step 1

First, cut the Ciabatta Bread in half.

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Step 2

Then layer pesto sauce on one half of the loaf.

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Step 3

Now add the roasted red peppers. I used canned peppers.

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Step 4

Now it's time to add the artichokes! I used canned artichokes.

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Step 5

On the other half of the bread layer on Provolone cheese. Or use your favorite cheese instead.

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Step 6

Now, add the sliced grilled chicken. Pop this into the oven for 12 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

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Step 7

Lastly, add a generous layer of fresh spinach and then close the sandwich, cut into desired sizes, and enjoy while its warm YUM!

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Enjoy this Tuscan-inspired Chicken Artichoke Sandwich during your next tailgate!

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