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MOD Pizza is Celebrating Moms Today! May 8th

MOD Pizza is celebrating Moms today, May 8th by gifting a free appreciation pizza. MOD Pizza invites all moms to enjoy a free 11- inch pizza or salad from open to close.

MOD Pizza is Celebrating Moms

What better way to celebrate your day mom than to head over to MOD Pizza for your FREE appreciation pizza. MOD Pizza loves all moms and invites you to come and enjoy a free 11-inch pizza or salad for moms from open to close at the more than 125 MOD Pizza locations nationwide. No purchase or coupon necessary – just come in and let the team know you are (or are with) a proud mother!

MOD Pizza Offer

Bring your family and enjoy your free pizza or salad on MOD Pizza. When’s the last time you have visited MOD Pizza? They just build one right next to my house and I plan on going there today to try out their pizza. They seem to be causing a stir in my neighborhood so I’m all but ready to head out to the restaurant now!

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