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12 Beauty Hacks Using Baby Wipes

The best list of 12 Beauty Hacks Using Baby Wipes that really work. This list of 12 beauty hacks showcases why you should add using baby wipes to your beauty routine.

12 Beauty Hacks Using Baby Wipes

I have fond memories as a child watching my grandmother put on lipstick and nail polish. I remember begging her to do my makeup and to let me try out her lipstick colors. Back then it seemed too simple to just put on makeup and do your hair for a fun event.

As I grew older I realized there are so many techniques on how to achieve certain looks and styles. Since I’m not the savviest makeup girl I like to find ways that make my Beauty Routines simple. Through the years I have had four kids ranging in ages of 12 years old to 4 years old.

So as many of you can predict I have had a lot of experience using baby wipes. It’s through these years though I have come to appreciate the many hacks that baby wipes have given me for my beauty routine. I am excited to share with you the many hacks I have discovered over the years and still use to this day.

1. Makeup Remover

Hail to the baby wipes that provide us with gentle relief from clogged pores from our wonderful makeup. I personally love to remove my makeup with a baby wipe when I’m on the go. Things can happen in life and sometimes your makeup wipes don’t make it into your bag.

But lucky for us moms who usually have a stash in the back seat. If you’re not a mom then get you some baby wipes as a backup plan and just throw them in your mesh miscellaneous stuff holder on the back of your driver’s seat.

2. Feel Fresh on a Plane

Whenever I fly or travel for that matter I like to bring a bag of wipes with me on the plane or in the car. Traveling can be an uncomfortable ordeal, so making sure you are clean and smelling fresh is an easy way to bring just a tiny bit of comfort back to your life. I personally love to fly and use the cucumber green tea-scented baby wipes.

3. Remove Deodorant marks from your clothing

Let’s face it, sometimes those pesky deodorant marks can surprise you and they are always unwanted. Baby wipes are a quick way to remove them and also have your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

4. Potty Seat Wipe

I know sometimes we can’t hold it so fiddling with the toilet seat plastic covers can be a pain. Next time you are in a rush wipe the seat down with a baby wipe and take care of business comfortably.

5. Eye Makeup Cleaner

Sometimes the look you were going for doesn’t turn out right, easily turn the smoky eye into a blank canvas. This is great when you don’t want to just touch up a look or just start from scratch. Use the handle of your makeup brush to get defined clean up around the brows or to help edge out that smoky eye.

6. Shoe Cleaner

This has always been my secret weapon when it comes to getting the kid’s shoes clean. Events can creep up on you or you can get a last-minute invite to something. I like to whip out the wipes and scrub down the kid’s shoes.

The kids have gotten to the age where they can do it themselves so I just hand them a few wipes and their shoes are almost brand new again.

7. Spot Cleaner On Shirts (Spit ups especially)

This hack was something I totally depended on when all of my kids were newborns. They seemed to spit up as much as they drank when they were smaller, baby wipes are a quick way to wipe up the mess plus get rid of the after smell that usually hangs around. They are also great for small stains on your shirts, pants, and other fabrics.

8. Gum On Hands Wipe

I know most of us to like to chew our gum, but toddlers like my little Esuun seem to want to play with it in their hands. I use baby wipes to take off the incredible sticky gum on her hands and it works like a charm.

9. Face Cleaner (dirty faces)

Has your kid ever drawn on their face with a pen, or maybe gave themself a tattoo with a marker? Don’t freak out cause Johnson’s Head To Toe wipes have got your back.

10. Tame Fly Aways

As helpful as my mom was when I was younger by giving her fingers a quick lick and taming my flyaways. I’m sure at this point in my life I can agree with my kids that it’s not the best option for me to use on them when taming flyaways. Instead, next time try some baby wipes to tame those pesky flyaways.

11. Remove Hair Dye

If you’re like me and like to dye your hair at home, then you can totally agree with me on how annoying it is when the hair dye gets on your face. Especially when you don’t notice it in time and it essentially dyes your face whatever color you chose.

Next time take a baby wipe and clean up the hair dye and rest assured your hairline will look fabulous. This is also a great product to use when you are dyeing your eyebrows as well. It’s perfect for helping you get that shape you wanted as well as easy cleanup.

12. Cleans Makeup Brushes

I hate it when you’re in a rush and you realize your makeup brush is riddled with a color you don’t want to use. Instead of immersing it in water give it a quick rub down on a baby wipe and use your hairdryer to dry it off quickly. It’s always a great hack I use when I want to grab a lighter color and my makeup brush is filled with the black smokey eye color from the night before.

Do you use any of these Beauty Hacks? Did you learn anything new today? Share your stories in the comments section below of your beauty hacks. If you are looking for more beauty hack ideas using baby products make sure you check out this Pinterest Board.

There are so many hacks out there it’s amazing to see how products I have in my own home, for example, the Johnsons Head to Toe is so useful.

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Marielle Altenor

Friday 1st of December 2017

This reminds me, I need to restock on those wipes. I use them for my daughter but would often remove my makeup with it lol


Friday 1st of December 2017

I can see how versatile the wipes can be in all kinds of situations. But I would have never thought to use it with hair dye. That's kind of cool


Thursday 30th of November 2017

During the summer I have a pack of baby wipes in my car at all times (as soon as the temps start to freeze I take them out). They are perfect for everything - especially when traveling with the family

Ashley @ Wishes & Dishes

Thursday 30th of November 2017

I never thought to use baby wipes for so many different things! Thanks for the ideas!

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