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5 Beauty Tips Using Lemons

 5 Beauty Tips Using Lemons
Photo Credit Sura Nualpradid

1.) Bleach Your Teeth

Are you in awe right now? Yes I said you can bleach your teeth using lemons! Cut a wedge and then battle the tart taste as you apply the juice side to your teeth. Leave on as long as you please, the longer you leave it on the better the juices will have time to work on your teeth. Essentially you are battling months to years worth of buildup of plaque and bacteria. As we all know lemons kill bacteria so this is a easy DIY home remedies for bleaching your teeth, and what luck we have since the grocery store is full of lemons.

2.) Clear’s Your Skin

Cut a lemon in half and then squeeze it onto your face, rub it in gently and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse it off and repeat daily as apart of your beauty regimen. You will slowly notice the difference in your skin tone, texture and acne. This also helps with black and white heads!

3.) Cleanse Your Pallet

If you are like me and LOVE food, tasting it is always half the fun in eating so having a clean pallet is important. Take a few sips of lemon water in between foods to cleanse your pallet to taste the delicious flavors of your dishes. You can also gargle lemon water after you have finished eating to get rid of after flavors.

4.) Cleanse Your System – Helps With Digestion

If your suffering from a tummy ache or maybe you are just really full, cut a slice of lemon and squeeze it into a glass or bottle of water. Drink the entire glass or bottle and then rest, the natural ingredients in the lemon will help settle your stomach and aid in digestion. This is also a healthy tip for those who are trying to lose weight, instead of ordering your favorite soda opt for a lemon water! Drink the lemon water during your meal and notice the difference in how your stomach feels after you have left the restaurant.

5.) Highlights

Yes you can highlight your hair using Lemons! This is a simple organic way to lighten your hair color using natures lemon. Simply apply the fresh squeezed lemon juice to your hair before you go out into the sunlight, the natural mix of these two elements results in a lighter hair color.

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Saturday 14th of February 2015

Lemons are multi-functional. I drink warm water with lemon in it every morning. It works wonders for digestion and cleansing your liver.

Jeni Bryant

Saturday 14th of February 2015

WOW! I had no idea you could do all of these things with lemons! Thanks for the tips!

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