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Getting Emotional With Disney’s Inside Out Movie and Toys!

Inside out Hero.1

Happy Birthday Malik! Today my son turned 9 years old, it feels like yesterday when he was kicking me in my ribs and causing me oh so much trouble. Now that hes out here he causes all types of trouble, but most of it in a good way. One emotion that all kids and adults alike feel when it’s their birthday, is the overwhelming JOY of becoming 1 year older. Thus propelling them into a year closer to adulthood, or what my kids call “no one can ever tell us what to do phase”. Oh kids, you have so much to learn lol.

Inside out display 1
Inside out display 2

To celebrate his birthday, I kick started it with a big surprise with Disney’s Inside Out movie. I found my DVD in Walmart next to the entertainment section, but there was also a display at the very front of the store when you first walk in. My daughter and I had a mission to make his day super JOYful, by surprising him with some fun things the next morning.

Inside out display Toys Display Collage

After we found the DVD we headed to the Toy Aisle to search and find some Inside Out toy’s. In the Disney section I found all 5 emotions including the lovely Joy! What is super cool abou these toys is that they include the memory globes with each figurine. Which means you get to help your child make their own memories with these globes, and add them to their very own memory banks. After we loaded our toys into the cart we headed to the party section to pick up some balloons.

Inside out display Toys Table.1

My son reminds me or Riley so much, they both have so many emotions going on. At times it seems like there is an argument going on inside of his head. I tend to ask him questions, and instead of him answering it with an honest answer or any answer at all. I will just get a blank stare and to what I can deduct him thinking very loudly in his head. I can sometimes predict his thoughts and just say what he is thinking, bringing a quick smile to his face and then him asking me if I can read his mind. Little does he know his face speaks a thousand words to me lol.

Inside out display Toys Table 1
Inside out display Toys Table 2
Inside out display Toys Table 3
Inside out display Toys Table 4
Inside out display Toys Table 5

In honor of Disney’s Inside Out Movie and my sons ever changing emotions, I ran out and got a cake that I think was perfect for him. Normally when you are given choices you narrow them down and then decide which one you want. Well with Malik he seems to see all the options but take extra long to pick what item he wants off the list or menu. To honor this movie and his beautiful personality I found a cake that had 4 different flavors. Instead of a regular cake, I thought it would fit him perfectly to get a caked where he could take a million minutes to choose between the  different flavors.

Inside out display Toys and Movie

Before I put on the movie I had the kids open up the toys and play with them as we waiting for our pizza to be delivered. They had a blast copying the faces of the toys boxes I just had to get some photos of it. Out of the many faces I found these below were the cutest. It was really funny to explain to the kids that they make all of those faces throughout the day. None of them believed me until I showed them their photos. After a few laughs and giggles they all agreed it was possible for them to make all 5 different faces in one day.

Inside out Emotions Collage 2

The pizza arrived and it was now MOVIE TIME! Turning on the movie had to be one of the most exciting parts of the day. The squeals my little girls made echoed throughout the house. As the movie played my kids made lots of comments about how they understand why Bing Bong sacrificed his self for Joy and why everything happened the way it did. Malik caught on that Riley had to give up her childhood pivotal points of her emotions to be able to gain a more grown up interpretation of them.

Inside out movie

Thus combining them and making a whole new one fit for a preteen. Sorry I hope I didn’t spoil to much of the movie, but there are so many other great points of the movie that I will definatly let you figure out on your own. Have you seen this movie yet? It’s now available at Walmart in regular DVD as well as Blu-Ray. You have to run though because they are selling out fast and trust me when I say you don’t want to miss out on this! These would make some great gifts for the little ones this holiday, or even as a birthday gift like I gave to my son. To find Disney’s Inside Out Movie as well as the toy’s and other great products visit your local Walmart OR visit for some great selection and prices.

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Summer Davis

Monday 9th of November 2015

My kids love this movie too and it has been instrumental in helping my younger two sift through their emotions. #client

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