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Kids Rule At IHOP – Kids Eat Free – Free Spooky Face Pancakes

Kids Rule At IHOP! Kids Eat Free at IHOP on select days at your local IHOP Restaurant. Enjoy Free Spooky Face Pancakes for the kids during the Halloween season.


Kids Rule At IHOP

Kids Rule at IHOP when it comes to conquering their favorite meals. My kids love IHOP and we visit our local restaurant on a weekly basis. There is something about their pancakes and the fun family atmosphere that keeps us coming back for more. I personally love to bring my kids here because they love the food, but because they are FREE for the entire month of October!

Kids Eat Free – Free Spooky Face Pancakes

That’s not all! On Halloween, your little ones can score some Scary Face Pancakes! Check out what my little ones did last year for their Halloween Themed Pancakes.

Here is a fun spooky face my little ones made from last year's Spooky Pancake Face day. This year my kids are super excited to visit our local IHOP on Halloween for their Spooky Pancake Faces. If you would like to make your own spooky pancake faces without having to wait till Halloween, you can visit your local IHOP Restaurant and order yours today!


IHOP - International House of Pancakes

On our last visit, my big extended family met us at our favorite restaurant, we had dinner and shared a ton of laughs. I think the funniest part was when my little one accidentally knocked over a glass of ice water and it spilled down the table and onto the seat where their God Mother and her grandmother were sitting.

I think the funniest part of it was the dance the two beautiful ladies did once the ice hit them. Of course, my mom had them blocked in on the end of the booth which she after a minute of the two screamings she moved.


Family-Friendly Dining at IHOP

My mom is hilarious and she didn't realize till I pointed out that she had to move so the two could shake off the rest of the ice. The kid's god mother's behind parts were soaked with ice cold water, my little girl was so upset that she had caused such a ruckus. Everyone assured her it was an accident and through the entire time everyone was laughing and could not stop smiling.


IHOP Kids Menu

It was definitely a memory that all of us cannot forget, we are much more careful about tall glasses of ice water around them now. If you haven't been to IHOP in a while they are now offering some really cool new kids menus.

The Menu is the same but the fun games the kids can play on the menu have changed, it's superhero-themed for your little hero. My kids really like the illustrations and new games they can play with each other now.


Famous Buttermilk Pancakes

I personally LOVE their buttermilk pancakes, I can't make them on my own (long story for another day I'm sure) so when I go out and I'm craving delicious hot pancakes, I always think of IHOP. I've also found a new love for the steak omelet which boasts so much flavor.

The only thing you can possibly ask to add to this monster omelet is bacon and extra cheese. Oh man, it's so good! Also, don't forget to try the current seasonal flavored pancakes and foods while you are there, they have some new and familiar flavors you don't want to miss.


When's the last time you visited your local IHOP? Have you ever done a spooky face pancake before? What's your favorite thing to eat at IHOP?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.