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10 Facts About Myrtle Beach

10 Facts About Myrtle Beach I bet you didn’t know. Learn more about how you can enjoy Myrtle Beach in South Carolina all year round.

10 Facts About Myrtle Beach

Last summer my family visited our local Myrtle Beach for some serious fun and family time. It was such a beautiful visit and we luckily made it just in time for the infamous Solar Eclipse. Aside from the beach, you will be surprised to find out many things about this area that even surprised me.

There are lots of things to do in this area that is perfect for your whole family. Make sure you check out the list below and head over to the Visit Myrtle Beach for more information and lists of local events for every season.

1. They are open year-round

I mean when you think of a beach on the east coast you don’t consider going there during the colder months. Myrtle Beach is actually a great place to go and escape the cold weather you are experiencing. It’s also got some great affordable rates for the whole family, which leads us to number two on this list.

2. It’s super affordable during the holidays

Lots of the resorts offer holiday stay packages making your stay as affordable as ever. Whether you’re staying a few days or maybe two weeks, each resort has its own special according to the holiday. Most resorts offer full-size kitchens so staying within your budget by cooking some of your meals for your family in the room is an option. Eating out at specially priced restaurants that are hosting holiday breakfast, lunch and dinner is also an option as well.

3. Booking way in advance gives you the best deals

The penthouses sell out fast so make sure you are booking those ways in advance during the year. Most penthouses can large families making coming together that much more affordable.

4. Have a staycation for the holidays

Traveling for a staycation at a local beach is always a fun option to have for the holidays. Other locals like to host their holiday events at resorts as well because it means less cleaning up and more having fun. It also maximizes your ability to host large groups at affordable rates.

5. The beach isn’t the only thing you can visit here

Local restaurants and local places to visit such as bowling alleys, movie theaters, dinner shows and so much more. Are available year-round for visitors to enjoy, lots of places host holiday specials so make sure you inquire about those while planning out your visit to Myrtle Beach,

ENjoy one of the many indoor pool areas inside of The Landmark Resort in Myrtle Beach.

6. Most resorts have indoor pools for year-round use

Most hotels in Myrtle beach offer year-round indoor pools for the whole family to enjoy. When my family stayed at The Landmark Resort we were able to enjoy the indoor pools when the weather wasn’t that great. Places like The Landmark Resort are among one the great choices you can pick from for your vacation stay.

7. The food is seriously delicious year round

Many of the restaurants around the area offer food options for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’. Make sure you check out what local restaurants are offering and plan out your holiday meals ahead of time.

8. It isn’t as crowded as the summertime

If you are spending the holiday in Myrtle Beach expect to be treated to a nice slow-paced crowd where you can truly relax.

9. Lots of local shows to watch and places to visit. The Carolina Opry is a tourist favorite in Myrtle Beach, packed with tons of different shows for your family to enjoy. There is also the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show where your family can watch.

10. Holiday themed events. There are some great events that go on around the area to celebrate the holidays. Things such as the Candle Lights on New Years as well as Christmas themed events. Check the Vacation Myrtle Beach Website for events going on before you visit.

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RachelFerrucci (@RachelFerrucci)

Friday 5th of January 2018

I have been wanting to go to Myrtle Beach for a while now! I need to get going on booking it! I never thought to go when it's cold but it would still be warmer than the 10 degrees here

Jay's Sweet N Sour Life

Friday 5th of January 2018

There’s so much fun stuff to do their indoors I’m sure you could warm up in the many indoor pools at the many resorts they have.


Sunday 10th of December 2017

Maybe I should go here for a winter getaway.

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