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15 Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids

Read my list of the best 15 Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids, including family-friendly activity ideas. This list includes everything you need to make the most of the fall season.

15 Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year, it is when the seasons switch and the leaves change colors. That beautiful transition from that vibrant green to the classic red, orange, yellow, or somewhere in between is magical. As the weather changes so do the activities the kids can do outdoors.

Although the weather has now become colder and most days can become that muggy rainy kind, don’t let that stop you from going outdoors and having fun. Before we jump into the list of 15 Fall Outdoor Activities for Kids here are a few safety tips.

1. Clear The Piles of Leaves

Jumping into piles of leaves are a ton of fun, but be careful to pick out all the sticks and trash. Sometimes when we rake up the leaves some debris or sticks can get in the mix. Keeping a watchful eye on the pile will help prevent scratches or unwanted injuries.

2. Don’t forget that light jacket

Don’t go outside without a long sleeve shirt or light jacket. My kids are guilty of wandering outside without a jacket, it’s better to have that extra line of defense. Keeping a jacket on can help regulate your body heat and prevent any unwanted colds. I totally get why my mom used to yell at me when I was younger to put a jacket on before I ventured outside. Thanks, mom!

3. Stay Hydrated

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4. Keep your energy up

Pack light healthy snacks like nuts and fresh fruit, my kids like to pack snacks that are on-the-go friendly. Keeping their energy up while they play is very important, snack bars, as well as trail mix, are an on the go favorite of theirs.

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15 Fall Outdoor Activity Ideas For Kids

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1. Flag Football

Flag football is a favorite with my kids, we have enough of us to make a team and little Esuun is finally big enough to play. With flag football it doesn’t matter what the weather is, all that matters is that we have fun.

2. Go For a Hike

Taking a hike during the fall is a beautiful sight to see, there is nothing like walking through the woods on a trial. On the trail, you get to spot all the leaves as they all change colors, don’t forget your camera so you can catch all the different colors.

3. Ride a Bike

If you don’t want to walk on a trail take a bike ride on it, or just bike ride around the neighborhood. It’s great exercise and is also a great way for the family to bond together.

4. Ride a Scooter

Whenever the kids get restless in the house I like to let them ride their scooters in the backyard. It’s perfect for letting out that extra energy and a lot of fun to do with a light jacket on.

5. Play Soccer

Soccer is a great sport to play year-round, so long as there isn’t a ton of snow on the ground soccer is a great activity. If you haven’t played crazy soccer yet you have to do it soon, in crazy soccer, you have up to four balls on the field. Whoever can score the most goals in 10 minutes wins the game, it’s crazy, right?

6. Visit A Farm

Local farms are always hosting fun activities that your whole family can enjoy. Find your local farm and see what they have going on, our local farm hosts many daily events.

7. Go for a Hayride

Don’t forget to take that fun hayride, our local farm hosts themed hayrides with tons of fun along the way. The kids get to see their favorite characters from iconic nursery rhymes, TV Shows, Movies, and books. It’s fun to watch them point out all their favorite characters as well as say hi to the Alien who lives in his spaceship next to the cornfield.

8. Visit A Corn Maze

Get lost in a corn maze and find out how much fun it is to figure a way out. No cheating though!

9. Go On A Camping Trip

Pack your tent and a few camping supplies and head out on a camping adventure. Reconnect with nature and spend a weekend without electronics.

10. Collect Leaves and Match them to Trees

Go on an adventure with the kids and document each of the leaves you find. Match the leaves to the tree’s and make a fun book the kids can add to as the years go on. Bring it with you on road trips to collect and match them to tree’s whenever your adventures take you.

11. Jump Into A Pile of Leaves

Make sure you check out the tip above and the go crazy in a pile of leaves. My kids like to do tricks as they jump into the leaves and even give scores on creativity.

12. Build A Fire and Make Smores

I seriously don’t know if fall is the same if you don’t make a smores with the family. I probably shouldn’t eat as many as I do but they are so delicious and fun to make. While some of my little ones just love to roast their marshmallows and eat them off the stick, my other little ones like to engage in a buffet of smores until we run out of supplies.

13. Pick Apples

Find a local apple orchard and pick some apples, if you are lucky you will get the first pick. Bake some delicious treats with the kids or make homemade applesauce, yum! I like to turn our fresh-picked apples into the kid’s favorite dessert, apple crisp.

14. Go on A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create your own Nature Scavenger hunt list and let the kids go wild. It’s a great learning experience for the little ones who are still learning about plant life. I like to add something new to the list each year to keep the older ones guessing and searching.

15. Go Fishing

Fishing is one of the top things I love to do with the kids, we have been fishing together since they were big enough to hold a pole. It’s a great family bonding event and if you are lucky enough to find a great spot you can take home dinner and have a fish fry.

What are your favorite Fall outdoor activities for kids? What does your family love to do from the list above? Do you have any tips or tricks for Fall outdoor activities for kids that weren’t listed above? Write them below in the comments section.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.