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5 Skincare Tips For Fun Outdoors

5 Skincare Tips For Fun Outdoors. Sunny warm days usually mean a trip to the park or nearest beach is on our agenda for the day. On a normal warm day, I like to adventure a little closer to home and visit one of the local parks we have. Depending on how long we plan to stay there is how I determine what I need to pack.

5 Skincare Tips For Fun Outdoors

Usually, I pack enough goodies for a few hours just in case we decide to stay longer than planned. As a mother of 4 beautiful children, I like to make sure we are always prepared for the weather ahead.

Fun Outdoors

Isn’t that tote bag below just the cutest? My grandmother makes them by hand and can make them for any occasion, this year she made us our very own park or beach bag. I like to fill my tote bag with all the goodies I take along with me as we travel.

It’s very important that I pack ample amounts of goodies for my whole family to use, I like to pack extra’s for any number of reasons that could arise.

A Peek Inside My Park Bag

5 Skincare Tips For Fun Outdoors

Don’t miss out on these 5 Skincare Tips For Fun Outdoors. I never leave my home without these essential supplies for my family.

1. Hydrate

Playing outside can be a lot of fun, no matter where you go in the heat you will always need to hydrate. As the temperatures rise the more hydration your body is going to need. Make sure to pack ample amounts of water when adventuring outside in the spring/summer heat.

I like to take huge jugs ($1 hugs of water sold at all grocery stores) of water and freeze them overnight, by the time you sit them on the picnic table or next to you on the beach the jug will be at least halfway melted. This makes for a great way to cool off in the heat without having to hike back to the car to grab more water.

2. Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes during those sunny days means getting a fantastic pair of sunglasses, I always bring a spare in my bag just in case I lose the other pair. Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, but they are actually fantastic to wear when you adventure outside.

The usual culprit when it comes to “how I got my headache today”, is the normal allergies I suffer from. Another way I usually get a headache is from squinting from the bright beautiful sun we have.

To avoid stressing your eyes as well as saving yourself that stress headache, throw on a cute pair of sunglasses and have fun outside.

3. Healthy Snacks

I’m very guilty of bringing not-so-healthy snacks to our park/beach visits. Through the years I found that bringing bunches of fruit on our trips was definitely the way to go. It supplied those needed vitamins and minerals we were losing in the heat, as well as keep them full so they could continue to have fun.

Other great healthy snacks to bring on your outings are mixed nuts and granola bars. They don’t melt and they sure do hit the spot when you’re just not ready to leave your favorite spot at the park or beach.

4. Keep Cool In The Shade

Don’t be shy, find shade wherever possible. I’ve shared park benches with other moms before and I found that you don’t have to be shy and just say “hello”. If you are looking to head to the beach invest in a tent or large umbrella.

I tend to rent my large umbrellas on site of the beach, it can be costly but it is a great option for when you have limited space in your car. I also opt to bring a small tent which serves as a great rest place for the kids to lay down and recharge in.

Explore with me and my family as we travel the world one plate and adventure at a time. I share fun destinations you can travel to with your family or for solo trips around the world.

5. Proper Skin Protection

Can you guess what the #1 place is that we forget to put sunscreen on? Your face, that’s right if you haven’t been applying sunscreen to your face (like I forgot for many years) then you are doing it all wrong. As an Asian American, my skin on my face is very sensitive, especially to sunlight.

I didn’t realize that the brown spots on my face weren’t beauty marks, they were sunspots that I gained from sitting in the sun for years and years.

I found this amazing new facial sunscreen from Neutrogena that is out of this world awesome. It’s made for your face and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. This is the perfect tote stuffer that makes applying sunscreen to your face a breeze.

Normally I use the sunscreen I put on my body on my face, but it tends to leave my face looking oily. I like the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc™ Face Sunscreen for my face. It also offers SPF 50 which is what I normally get for my face and for the kid’s faces.

More info about the product

Naturally-sourced zinc oxide Hypoallergenic, it’s Sweat and water-resistant (80 minutes) Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) Oil-free, Dermatologist tested. Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™ as a suitable sunscreen for persons with sensitive skin conditions.

Thanks, Neutrogena you are the best! I love my sunscreen and as a mom who tends to spend most of her spring/summer days outside, this has come in handy many times over. Neutrogena also offers this new Sheer Zinc™ formula in a sunscreen you can use on your body.

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc™ Sunscreen

Want to give the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc™ Sunscreen a try? Take advantage of this In-store and online Target offer from 5/21-5/27. Receive a $5 Target GiftCard with a purchase of $15 in sun care! For more information about this offer head over HERE.

Do you have any travel plans for this summer? Are you guilty of not applying sunscreen to your face? What are your favorite places to visit with your family?

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Wednesday 24th of May 2017

I recently found sunscreen wipes, they make sunscreen so convenient and easy to use. It's great when I forget to carry sunscreen with me.


Monday 22nd of May 2017

I completely agree with the hydrate tip! Beautiful skin really does start from the inside, and what we consume can certainly have an impact on how it looks. If I drink too much alcohol while I'm in the sun, for example, my skin dries out significantly. This always makes my sunburns I inevitably get even worse!!


Monday 22nd of May 2017

What great summer skin tips for spending time outdoors! {client}


Thursday 18th of May 2017

Great tips especially for outdoor loving people. Thanks for sharing what you have as it gives me idea on what to get and buy soon!


Wednesday 17th of May 2017

the list is massive and i will gladly follow up and make sure all are well followed, though skin protection and the healthy snack, takes my attention more.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.