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Chocolate and History Trolley – Hershey, PA

The Chocolate and History Trolley Ride has to be the sweetest tour around town you could ever take. If you’re not enjoying the beautiful sights you are indulging in some delicious classic Hershey Candies. This Trolly ride isn’t just full of sweet treats, it’s also a fun way to learn about the famous Candy Company and its sweet town.

Chocolate & History Trolley – Hershey, PA

The Chocolate & History Trolley is an in-depth historical, sightseeing, & chocolate tasting tour with one of their knowledgeable (and highly entertaining) conductors.  This trolley sees the most sites, tells the most history, and shares the most chocolate. 

They start with the Hershey of today, then jump back all the way to a time before there was a town, or a chocolate factory, or even chocolate in America for that matter (they refer to this tragic epoch as BC, or Before Chocolate).

Chocolate and History Trolley

They then work their way through the inspiring life of Milton Hershey, simultaneously visiting the historical sites of town he created, and tasting the chocolate that made him famous. 

They end with an exclusive, spectacular view of the Sweetest Place on Earth from the “Welcome to Hershey” hill.  The whole experience lasts about 75 minutes. The time really flies by and you are having so much fun it’s such a bummer when they tell you the ride is over.

Touring the Town of Hershey, PA

I was very surprised to find out that the town of Hershey, PA isn’t just all about Candy. It is actually a town full of surprises such as the amazing school located in this town. The love Mr. & Mrs. Hershey had for children led them to start Milton Hershey School which offers not just a great education for the children but a sweet place to live.

It’s crazy to think that this town started off as just a place to make chocolate, and Milton Hershey turned it into a town his workers could live and thrive in. Chocolate may have been how this town was built but it’s the love that Mr. and Ms. Milton had for their friend’s and family that made it truly a sweet place to live.

Chocolate and History Trolley Ride

This was possibly the sweetest and most fun Trolley ride I have ever been on, I was surprised to learn that the Hershey Trolley offers seasonal adventures. I took a fun ride on the Chocolate & History Trolley ride, but I learned there are so many other fun rides that are perfect for the whole family.

Currently, they offer the Seasonal:

  • Trick or Treat Trolley
  • Holly Jolly Trolley (by Golly!)
  • Sweet Lights Trolley
  • and the Summer Trolley Show

To learn more about how you can skip the Traffic with Sweet Light’s, as well as trick or treat on a trolley. Head over to The Hershey Trolley Works Website and get all the information you need there. If you would like to pre-purchase your tickets online and score an awesome bundle for the Trolley and Chocolate World head over HERE.

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12 Things To Do In Hershey Park During Christmas Time - Jays Sweet N Sour Life

Monday 15th of July 2019

[…] Hop on a Hershey troll ride during your next visit and learn about the history of this little yet big town. If you like to be fed endless amounts of candy as you are riding around and receiving a history lesson about a town Milton M. Hershey helped build himself, then this is the trolley ride for you. Read more about what to expect during your Trolly Ride HERE. […]

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.