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Earn Double Box Tops At Walmart – Support Your Child’s School

Take advantage of this amazing limited-time offer to Earn Double Box Tops At Walmart! Support Your Child’s School by stocking up on affordable classroom essentials that offer double box tops. Box Tops has supported schools for many years.

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Back To School Time

It’s that time of the year again where we parents are scrambling around stores to find the specific school supplies on our seemingly endless lists. To add that I have 3 big kids in school, and all of them in different grades adds to that chaos that I call school supply shopping. I like to get my shopping done in as few stores as possible, so to do that I head over to my local Walmart store to pick up the must-haves for this year.

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Classroom Essentials

One of the most used school supplies I believe that are used in the kid’s classrooms is Kleenex Tissues. With the school year starting around autumn I feel like these babies are used more than we think they are. Last year one of my children’s teachers actually emailed all the parents asking for a restock of Kleenex and other essentials that got run through only halfway through the school year.

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Stock Up Items for Classrooms

To stock up my kid’s classrooms I like to buy the 3 packs of Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues. I like to buy a set of three for each of my kid’s classrooms to ensure they have more than they need of this classroom essential. You can find some adorable designs in Walmart right now, my girl’s favorite was the Finding Dory Designs which offered 210 Tissues in each box. BAM! Perfect!

Kimberly Clark Box Tops

Double Box Tops Offer

Something that makes this even sweeter is that right now select Kleenex, Scott, and Viva products are offering DOUBLE Box Tops. Yes, you read that right, double the box tops on select products meaning your school gets back more.

My kid’s school has done so much with their box tops, they were able to add more books to their library and also fund more music programs. I love giving back to their school with products we purchase on a regular basis. It’s like a win-win at the end of the day for all of us.

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What do you think your children’s school would do with double the box tops they can receive with these products? What has your children’s school been able to use box tops for in the past?

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