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2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV Review – Road Trip To Williamsburg Virginia

Follow along as me and my family take a road trip to Williamsburg, Virginia to celebrate Busch Gardens Food and Festival. See how my family traveled in style and luxury with my 2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV Review.

Road Trip To Williamsburg Virginia

With almost any road trip you go on your first decision you make is what car you will be driving to your destination. Last month I was able to take the 2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV on the road with my family to Williamsburg Virginia for the Food and Wine Festival at Bush Gardens.

The kids and I have been visiting Williamsburg Virginia for many years now since my oldest was a toddler. We really enjoy going down there since it’s only a few hours from our home.

2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV

For our road trip, we choose to take the 2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV which seats 7 very comfortably. This Crossover SUV sports adjustable three rows of seats and glides like it’s flying down the road. This baby has all the bells and whistles you would want inside of your Crossover SUV.

Featuring the Infinity system by Harmon as well as many safety features that help you keep your family safe. Check out the full video tour below as well as our full review below.

Check out The Full Tour Video Below!

Blind Spot Detection and More Tech Features

Cruising down the highway is made so simple with the built-in Cruise assist, set your car at the speed you wish as well as the distance between each car you prefer. The car will make the adjustments for you in speed to make sure you are within that set car length distance you originally set.

Safe Ride offers Blind Spot detection giving you notifications on your side mirrors for cars in your blind spot. The Forward Collision Warning System detects if a car is stopping short in front of you.

Designed to help mitigate or avoid an accident, the available Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) will automatically apply the brakes if it detects a collision risk. This also works while your car is in Cruise Control. This car also offers Lane Drift Notification which you can turn on or off but it will alert you if you are drifting out of your lane.

Touch Screen Control Console

The console is a touch screen and very easy to use, featuring a built-in GPS (definitely road-trip friendly) as well as a Sirus radio. Pair your phone with the console and rock out to your favorite songs using your phone or Pandora. Plug it up and charge your phone as you listen to music.

Don’t want to listen to music? Put on an audiobook for the whole family to enjoy, so long as their headphones are glued to their heads from their devices. This Crossover SUV rocks out to a Clari-Fi and Infinity® (By Harmon) Surround Audio System brings you rich, clear sound as it was meant to be heard.

Special Features in the Kia Sorento

Smartphone, Control your smartphone right from Sorento’s digital display. Simply plug in your compatible Android or iPhone to access maps, send texts with your voice, use your favorite apps, and more—all from your in-car screen. 

Pandora, Control your smartphone’s Pandora® app right from your touch-screen display. Browse channels, skip songs, bookmark favorites, and more. Yelp, The UVO in-car Yelp® app allows you to search for restaurants, businesses, and special events. Read user reviews, call listings, or get directions right on the screen.

Kia Sorento Park Assist

Stay safe with the backup camera that helps you park with ease or pull out of your parking space with ease. Finally, I can master those parallel parking spots without turning my head a million times back and forth from each side mirror.

Park Assist helps you get safely into your parking space and also warns you if there is an oncoming car in your blind spots as you back up. As always you should always check your surroundings around the car and not just depend on the backup camera.

Although I’m sure sometimes we can be forgetful I like that the 2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV has your back when it comes to those slip-ups. The car will beep loud enough for you to be alerted and make those safe adjustments.

Trunk Space in the Kia Sorento

When it’s time to put some junk in your trunk you can rest assured that your junk will fit effortlessly. With the third row up you can see I was still able to fit my big suitcase and purse in the back easily. If you would like to add more space simply just throw the third row of seats down.

And a huge amount of space will be available to you and your family to take advantage of. Whether you’re toting Sports equipment, grocery bags, or whatever your family needs to tote will definitely fit in this trunk.

Kia Sorento boasts Power Outlets

Hello, Power seats giving you with just the touch of a button an easy adjustment to your seat to make any passenger comfortable. This car also featured a cool and heat function for the front seats giving you a nice relief from a hot seat or maybe a nice heated seat for a sore back during your drive.

This is something I have just come to appreciate but the 2017 Kia Sorento boasts Power Outlets perfect for those long road trips. With the kids on their tablets they burn up their batteries pretty quick, so with this awesome feature, your kids can bring their power outlets with them on the go and just plug them up to use.

Available in multiple spots in the car there is a power outlet for everyone. That means no fights yay! Mom was definitely winning during this trip I tell you. Ps. You can turn on and off the outlets, so mom still has complete control over those charging stations.

High Five Mom!

Panoramic Sunroof

That view when you see the Panoramic Sunroof is magical, it practically feels like you’re driving without a roof. The panoramic Sunroof sports a tinted window system that can actually be opened at the touch of the button. Want some wind?

Open the Panoramic Sunroof at a tilt or fully giving you and your family a gust of fresh air. The kids had a great time looking at the sky as we drove, guessing at what shapes the clouds were making. Although a few debates broke out on what each cloud looked like, it’s very rare that everyone in the car had a front-row seat to the beautiful sky above.

Mom’s Final Thought’s

For a big family of 5 like mine, with some big pre-teens and a little one still in her booster seat, I found that this car was just the right size for us. We all were able to fit comfortably, especially mom who took advantage of the heated seats during the long drive.

I felt ridiculously safe during this trip and the kids had an amazing time enjoying the panoramic sunroof. I highly suggest you take the 2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV for a test drive today.

Head over to the Kia Website and book your test drive a 2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV today! Have you ever test drove a 2017 Kia Sorento Crossover SUV? Would you like to give one a test drive today? What’s your experience with Kia, tell us your story below!

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