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Going Wild Feeding Mountain Lions at ZooAmerica – Early Bird Tour

The Early Bird Tour at ZooAmerica in Hershey, PA, is a VIP experience that lets you get up close and personal with the animals. See how my kids and I are Going Wild Feeding Mountain Lions at ZooAmerica.

Going Wild Feeding Mountain Lions at ZooAmerica – Early Bird Tour

I don’t know about you but I have some serious little explorers in my home if they aren’t exploring the depths of their closets. Which should have been cleaned days ago, they are traveling the world with me looking for new adventures.

That’s why when I found out that ZooAmerica in Hersheypark not only had an After Hours Guided Tour, but they had a completely different experience for the ZooAmerica Early Bird Guided Tour. A total bucket list type of adventure where you get to feed not only Wolves but Mountain Lions too!

Hershey Zoo Arrival

The morning starts off bright and early when the park is still closed off to the public, if you want to feel like a VIP then this is the type of adventure for you. Not only are you the only ones to arrive for this tour but you are ushered through the park with your very own pair of tour guides. This is definitely your go-to time for asking those questions that you have been itching to ask since you were a kid. I’m pretty sure I drove our guide crazy with the many questions I came up with for these beautiful animals.

Checkout Our Video Below of Feeding The Animals!

Feeding the Animals

Seeing as it’s the morning time. I’m sure you can understand why some of the beautiful creatures you will be meeting during the tour, will be looking at you anxiously for food.

I won’t lie though, yes you do look tasty but they are just waiting for the handlers to feed them during their normally scheduled feeding times. I know the beautiful cat above looks super soft and cuddly do no attempt to cuddle this guy or take him home (I asked it’s not possible).

Meeting the Animals

A sight that I’m sure is rare in its self for many of us where we are able to see not only one Bald Egeal but two sitting side by side. These birds were unfortunately shot or injured in the wild and have come here to basically live in a retreat eating only the finest foods and getting tons of love and attention.

Fun Fact: Throughout its history, the zoo staff has a history of being involved with wildlife conservation projects, including the breeding of a variety of endangered species (birds of prey, reptiles). ZooAmerica continues to succeed in honoring its obligation to protect its occupants while educating the public about them. 

Feeding Wolves and Mountain Lions

Aside from getting a kiss from a bear during my last After Hours Guided Tour with ZooAmerica this definitely takes care with zoo visits. I mean how often are you ever able to safely feed a wild wolf and mountain lion?

The kids had a blast and the guides were very helpful with keeping us informed of how to proceed with feeding the animals. As well as providing some educational facts about these creatures. I won’t lie they were totally hilarious and I had a great time watching the kids feed each animal.

Fun Fact: The Hotel Hershey gives the zoo their scraps such as meat trimmings, bread, fish heads and tails and so much more of which would normally go to the landfill. in fact going straight to the animals, which means the animals eat well and eat mostly organic.

Getting Up Close and Personal With The Animals

Have you ever held a lizard before? Or maybe a bird of prey? Say hello to this up close and personal experience where you are able to hold the animals and snap a million pictures of your brave children. Keturah loved holding the lizard even though her nails were much longer than mine (I’m not jealous I swear).

Malik said he felt like Harry Potter holding the bird and for once smiled without me asking him to for his photo. Esuun was definitely excited to hold the bird even though it was almost as big as her.

Anthony had a blast holding the lizard and the bird of prey but somehow found this interesting accessory. I’m not sure what he was “dressed up” as but he was very proud of his photo and made sure to ask me to share it with all of you. Maybe you can guess in the comments below what look he was going for!

ZooAmerica in Hersheypark

I spent a beautiful morning in a ZooAmerica in Hersheypark feeling like a VIP, I got to feed some seriously awesome animals and even hold some. The kids didn’t fight with each other and I don’t even think one debate between the boys broke out during the tour.

I saw so many smiles and was begging multiple times to do this tour again and even try out the After Hours guided tour as well. I would say this ZooAmerica Early Bird Guided Tour was amazing and the kids had a blast.

Planning a visit to ZooAmerica in Hersheypark

If you would like to take your family on an Early Bird or After Hours adventure head over to ZooAmerica’s Website now and book your tour today! They also host schools, summer camps, and oh so many events for you to attend.

Would you like to feed some wolves or mountain lions? When is the last time you have been to ZooAmerica? Have you ever attended one of their Early Bird or After Hours Guided tours?

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Wednesday 13th of September 2017

OMG what a fun experience to share with your children. My girls love animals and the experience of holding and touching animals, just would have made their day.


Monday 11th of September 2017

I had no idea this was available at Hershypark! We don't live that far so I will check this out the next time we are up that way!

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