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12 Things To Do In Hershey, PA During Christmas Time

Hershey, PA is a fun place to visit during Christmas time, find out 12 Things To Do In Hershey, PA During Christmas Time. The famous Hershey theme park isn’t the only amazing thing you can do while in town, check out my full list for more ways to spend the holidays in Hershey.


12 Things To Do In Hershey, PA During Christmas Time

Planning to visit Hershey, PA during Christmas time? There is so much to do in Hershey, PA it’s a wonder you can fit all of these activities into one fun weekend. The famous Hershey theme park isn’t the only amazing thing you can do while in town.

There are so many other attractions and places you can check out all while indulging in delicious foods and of course chocolate. Read below and then comment and share your experiences in Hershey, PA during Christmas time.

Updated in 2021

Hershey Park at Christmas Time

1. Visit Hershey Park

Of course, I would bring up the super sweet theme park that boasts some crazy fun roller coasters and more attractions. The Laff Trakk was so much fun, you can’t help but spin around and laugh as you are spun out of control around tight corners and in front of funhouse mirrors.

During the winter season, Hershey Park offers collectible Hot Chocolate mugs that are designed by the children in the Penn. State Children’s Hospital. Refill and have fun at the park during the day and at night. The park is lit up with thousands of lights decorating the trees and buildings with holiday music that plays throughout the park.

Hersheypark Christmas Candylane is open on select dates from Nov. 12, 2021, through Jan. 2, 2022, with daily operations starting Dec. 3, 2021 (closed Christmas Day); hours vary by day.

2. Chocolate World

The name is exactly what this little world is, it is the home to the world’s biggest chocolate shop and once you see it in person you will know why. One of the most fun things you can do in Chocolate World is to create your very own candy bar.

A fun interactive feature where you can customize your very own candy bar using a touch screen monitor. Pick your favorite fillings and then watch as your candy is the bar being made right in front of you on their candy bar belt.

The fun doesn’t stop there, customize the packaging for your delicious work of art in the design room. Write fun things on your box to celebrate the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, best friend visits, the possibilities are endless.

Hershey Sweet Lights
Hershey Sweet Lights

3. Sweet Lights

Take a drive with the family for a light show that they will remember for years, drive slow and sip your Hershey’s hot chocolate. Ask the kids to count how many reindeer they spot and see who was able to find the most.

I was able to catch 9 on my trip but I know for sure there were way more! Tune in to a special radio station that really brings this experience to the next level. 

Hershey Zoo After Dark

4. After Dark and Early Bird Tours at ZooAmerica

Attending the ZooAmerica after-dark tour was such a fun and educational experience. If feeding bears grapes and otters fish is your thing then this is the place you need to be after dark. The prices are super affordable and kid-friendly, the staff give a great tour, and did I mention you get to hold some of the animals? I held an owl called Luna, she was such a beautiful owl and she weighed less than a feather.

If feeding Mountain Lions and wolves is your thing, make sure you check out my full review on the Early Bird Tours. Read more about what to expect from the Early Bird Tours at ZooAmerica HERE.

Hershey Trolly Ride
Hershey Trolley Ride

5. Hershey Trolley Ride 

Hop on a Hershey troll ride during your next visit and learn about the history of this little yet big town. If you like to be fed endless amounts of candy as you are riding around and receiving a history lesson about a town Milton M. Hershey helped build himself, then this is the trolley ride for you. Read more about what to expect during your Trolly Ride.

6. Hershey Lodge

The Hershey Lodge is a beautiful place to be at any time of the year, but during this time of the year, the hotel is decorated beautifully with the Christmas Spirit we love and remember as a child. There is a beautifully decorated tree in the lobby of the hotel, as well as a fireplace that is open for all families to enjoy.

Drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire with your loved ones in your pajamas. Read my Full Review of the Hershey Lodge & my Top 10 Picks of Things To Do while visiting The Hershey Lodge.

Water Works at Hershey Lodge
Water Works at Hershey Lodge

7. Water Works at Hershey Lodge

This fun place is not only home to Hershey Lodges New Indoor/outdoor Mini Water Park, but it also houses the Lodge’s Kids Activity room and Arcade. The motto here is to play and have as much fun as you can.

With planned activities in the kid’s room as well as a huge arcade, this place is so much fun for kids and adults alike. The 24-hour gym is also located here and offers many machines and a towel service that this mom loves.

Hershey Hotel
Hershey Hotel

8. Hershey Hotel

This exquisite hotel is the original Hershey Hotel that Milton M. Hershey envisioned himself. Through the years the hotel has grown and offered many new amenities for its guests to enjoy. The buffet-style breakfast is deliciously beautiful and perfect for families.

The hotel has been restored and additions have been added on to give its guests a more luxurious experience. One of those experiences being, their lovely Spa that offers wonderful services as well as a lunch buffet. Read my full review of the Hershey Hotel.

Hershey Hotel Spa
Hershey Hotel Spa

9. The Hotel Hershey Spa

This luxurious spa offers many services that adults can enjoy to the fullest during our visit to Hershey, PA. Featuring quiet rooms, and high-class services, and all-you-can-drink Hershey’s hot chocolate and candies.

The lunch buffet is a must-have while you are visiting this spa, it features delicious foods as well as desserts made by a world-renowned pastry chef Cher Harris, CPEC – executive pastry chef. Read My Full Review of the Hotel Hershey Spa Experience HERE.

Hershey Gardens Butterfly House
Hershey Gardens Butterfly House

10. Butterfly House Atrium in Hershey Gardens

Even though it is chilly outside, these butterflies in the Hershey Gardens are warm and happy. The new Butterfly House Atrium offers a year-round place for children and adults alike to study and see butterflies up close all year round. The Butterflies fly around free in the atrium during the winter where you can be so close you could catch them in your own hands.

Giant Center
Giant Center

11. Catch A Bears Hockey Game

Stop by the Giant Center and catch a Bears Hockey game, with 10,000 seats including premium seating which I personally love. Enjoy the game with friends and family as you cheer on the Hershey Bears Hockey Team and take your chances at winning some awesome prizes. Get featured on TV and dance and wave at the camera.

Devon Seafood and Steak
Devon SEafood and Steak

12. Devons Seafood and Steak Resturant

Devon’s Seafood and Steak Resturant is by far one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. With their high-class flavor’s that this foodie cannot stop thinking about down to the chef behind the meals there is so much for you to love here. The prices are family-friendly and the food is fresh and made from scratch.

Have you ever been to Hershey, PA around Christmas time? What is your favorite thing to do in Hershey, PA around this time of the year? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it.

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Donna Crews

Saturday 25th of September 2021

Will the Christmas events be held this year, 2021?

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Carmine Dysart

Monday 12th of February 2018

I haven't really heard of this park before, which is crazy given how sweet it looks (no pun intended)!

Jay's Sweet N Sour Life

Monday 12th of February 2018

It's definitely a "sweet" place to visit with the whole family. I love going all year round with my family, there's so much to do and so much delicious food to enjoy. I hope you are able to visit it soon and see what all the sweet buzz is about.

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